Dining Under the Stars: Hilton Manila’s Vubble Experience is One I Will Never Forget - Dine

This unique dining experience is truly one of my memorable experiences of the year

These days, people go above and beyond to celebrate proposals, anniversaries, or any other intimate occasion. The bigger, the better, so to speak, and it’s always a heartwarming feeling to share that significant moment with a loved one. One of the grandest ways to show our love and appreciation to someone near and dear to our hearts is to set up an extravagant dinner under the twinkling stars in the sky, which Hilton Manila’s Vubble happily offers.

When I was invited to visit Hilton Manila last October 2021, I was simply ecstatic at the thought of having a gourmet experience in one of the most unique ways possible–inside a wide air conditioned bubble pod located beside the hotel’s famous Vega pool. Having a nice meal outdoors is one thing, but to have your own little Vubble pod for that extra privacy is another.

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Upon arriving, I was humbly welcomed by the kind staff of Hilton Manila. As I was being escorted to my Vubble pod, they were also sharing some information about that particular amenity that was launched in late 2019, which included safety protocols they implemented due to the pandemic. I even had the pleasure of chatting with Hilton Manila’s General Manager Simon McGrath, who shared that since they began offering the Vubble experience, the hotel staff has witnessed countless proposals that all led to that desirable “Yes.”

A holiday special to remember

For that particular night, I was told that the hotel’s accomplished chefs would be presenting their Premium Christmas Vubble selection, which is available this holiday season. This consists of a well-curated menu by Hilton Manila’s own Executive Chef Benoit Chargy. Dinner started with the Welcome Cocktails and Artisan Monay Bread with Filipino Tapenade offered by our designated butler. At that moment, I already knew I was in for a night of absolute delight. He also informed me that I could elevate the overall experience further, given the Vubble pod also included Bluetooth speakers to pair with my smartphone for my personal playlists, an Instax camera I could use throughout the entire dinner, and a personalized menu card that also acts as a frame for the photos taken with the camera.

Chef’s kiss

Once I was settled, dinner was ready to be served. Apart from the cocktails and bread, the menu also highlighted the Waldorf Salad with Apple Mikado, Caramelized Walnuts, Celeriac Purée, and Confit Duck Leg, as well as Chili and Lime Marinated Tuna Sashimi, and Mango and Beetroot Salsa with Wasabi Mayo as starters. With just a few bites in, I was completely enamored with the flavors of both dishes. The salad had a good mix of sweet and savory, while the latter was perfectly fresh and light.

The Premium Christmas Vubble selection also offers the exquisite taste of the “Golden Tomahawk” as their main course. This special barbecue-grilled US Angus Tomahawk Steak was marinated with black cardamom and served with roasted mixed root vegetables, beef tomato, olive jus, and a glass of wine. This was a completely different experience in itself. After the first bite, its incredible tenderness made me want to melt in my seat, and every single bite afterwards made me want to give a standing ovation to the skillful chef for his perfect execution.

The final course of the Premium Christmas Vubble selection is a plate of mouth-watering Reindeer Vanilla Cremeux, Golden Feuilletine, and Pistachio Gelato. As a vanilla and pistachio lover myself, that dessert was the perfect way to cap off the most well-crafted and piquant dinner I’ve ever had in my 24 years of existence.

Overall, the Vubble at Hilton Manila is a dining experience that should be tried at least once in your life. From the personalized features, flavorful meals, all the way down to the hospitality of the staff that directly matched the Vubble’s inviting ambiance, the entire experience kept me entertained and satisfied without coming off as a gimmick. It was genuinely a night I will never forget.

For more information about Hilton Manila’s gourmet dinner under the stars this holiday season, you may contact Thalia Melgarejo via text (0917 848 6404) or email ([email protected]).

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