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Celebrate the new year with a splash of vibrant colors through Dior Makeup’s Rouge Dior Collector Couture.

Fireworks have long been a symbol for celebration and even more so during the final moments of New Year’s Eve, when the sky lights up in bright streams and bursts of colors as clocks reach midnight, building to a crescendo that illuminates the sky with an abundance of colors. This searing visual, along with the festive emotion that comes with it is distinctly captured in Dior’s Happy 2020 Collection. Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, has created a limited-edition set that emulates the sparkle of fireworks in greeting the new decade.

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The Rouge Dior Collector Couture set is packaged in a minaudière clutch embellished with the collection’s firework motif, which is perfect for travel as it holds its multiple shades while occupying little space in your bag. Heck, the sparkling beadwork is so intricate that it’s worth carrying around for the world to revel at its exquisite look. Opening it reveals the iconic lipstick with an exclusive sequined band that reflects the collection’s festive shine. Along with the lipstick comes five refills of their signature lip shades, each engraved with the Dior logo.

Choose from their iconic Rouge Dior shades such as the classic 999 red with its luscious crimson hue that completes an elegant evening look, the velvety finish of the 999 Matte, the satin brightness of the Red Smile, or the effervescent lightness of the Feel Good pink. All these shades can top of a multitude of looks such as full-glam, casual work days, and even Sunday brunch. The variety of shades paired with its sleek handheld packaging make for a stylish repertoire of colors that you can mix-and-match at any time of the day at any time you please.

The Rouge Dior Collector Couture is available in all Dior Boutiques across the country.

Photos from Dior

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