Wishful Thinking: Discontinued Bags We Still Dream Of And Covet

These must-have archival carry-ons tell the stories of certain eras of fashion houses.

As the saying goes, “All good things come to an end.” Luxury fashion houses sometimes end the production of certain bags and clothes to give way to newer designs. Moreover, discontinued designs are archival pieces; thus, looking for one in the secondhand market is difficult and sometimes expensive. 

These discontinued bags are now hard to find. Even looking for it in the secondhand market is difficult because owners don’t want to give up archival pieces. Aside from the obvious iconic design and style of these discontinued bags, the story it holds is special. Archival pieces, whether bags, clothes, or accessories, identify a certain time in the brand’s life. 

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Chanel Grabielle Hobo

Introduced in 2017, the late Karl Lagerfeld designed this unisex hobo bag in honor of the brand’s founder, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. Quilted aged lambskin is the material of the bag making the bag casual yet refined. Aside from the hobo-like structure, the Gabrielle also sports two adjustable straps you can style in several ways. Sadly, the bag discontinued production in early 2023. 

Black Small Gabrielle Hobo
Black Small Gabrielle Hobo/Photo via Sotheby’s website

Louis Vuitton Murakami Collaboration

One of the most memorable artist and fashion brand collaborations, the Louis Vuitton Murakami selection was an early 2000s staple. Murakami twisted the classic Louis Vuitton monogram by making it multicolored. The iconic collaboration came to an end in 2015, and now items from this line can only be found in the second-hand market. 

Multicolore pochette
Multicolore pochette/Photo via Sotheby’s website

Hermès Cherche-Midi

An Hermès crossbody bag that isn’t the Constance? The discontinued Cherche-Midi debuted in the 2015 Spring Summer runway, perfect for any summer event. The Cherche-Midi has a distinct leather flap with a Chaine D’Ancre pattern. Moreover, the bag has adjustable straps that can turn the bag into a crossbody or a shoulder bag—tucking the straps inside can also turn the bag into a classic clutch.

Cherche-Midi 18 in Argyle
Cherche-Midi 18 in Argyle/Photo via Sotheby’s website

Celine Trapeze

A product of Phoebe Philo’s era in Celine, the Trapeze is a feminine masterpiece. The bag’s structure makes it different from the rest. To give space for newer designs, the bag has been recently discontinued. Spacious, functional, yet stylish, the Trapeze will always be missed and remembered.

Celine Trapeze
Celine Trapeze/Photo via BragMyBag website

Banner photo via Instagram @xiaomapicks.

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