Discover the Fascinating Cultural Heritage of These Mediterranean Cities

With how historic cities draw the attention of curious and intrepid travelers, visit these prosperous and powerful cities from the medieval ages

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Schnoor Quarter. (Photo by Isabella Orteza)
Schnoor Quarter. (Photo by Isabella Orteza)

Unearthing Northern Germany

Three cities in the north of Germany all have historical and dramatic structures that garnered a UNESCO World Heritage title. With an hour or two-drive from one another, explore Hamburg, Lübeck, and Bremen, the top tourist destinations in Germany that leave you with varying and lasting impressions from its architecture and local fare.

Hamburg sets a romantic ambiance with its interlacing bridges atop the ubiquitous canals. These connect to the Elbe river that leads to the North Sea. Along this river sits Speicherstadt, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Gazing at its neo-gothic red-brick architecture while cruising in a boat drives us back centuries ago when it used to be the main route for water vessels.

Salt Warehouses. (Photo by Isabella Orteza)
Salt Warehouses. (Photo by Isabella Orteza)

Upon entering Lübeck’s Old Town, the 15th-century red-brick gate dramatically catches your attention. It symbolizes the medieval capital of the powerful Hanseatic League. As for Bremen, fascinate yourself with the city’s rich tradition and tales. With its contrasting historic multicolored houses and modern-style Parliament, this city undoubtedly attracts everyone with its identity.

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The Palermo Cathedral. (Photo by Edu Jarque)

Passionate Palermo

Mark your quest to the capital city of Sicily, Palermo, and pin Palermo Cathedral to your itinerary, one of the ecclesiastical architecture across the globe. The cathedral has a unique mixture of styles and influences caused by the various renovations from the 18th century.

From the main entrance down to the altars, you will notice the breathtaking details and the cathedral’s ‘multicultural’ trait. Among the columns, you will see an engraved Qur’an verse from the original structure of the mosque. It was once a Byzantine basilica that has been renovated into a mosque. Later on, the cathedral embraced additional influences throughout the periods.

Apart from cathedrals and palaces, Palermo boasts of its wide variety of cuisine, piazzas, and markets. Indulge in the city’s excellent food over a glass of wine on candle-lit tables, basking in the beautiful atmosphere of a city filled with antiquity.

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