The Price Of Visiting Disneyland Rises

Disney fans may find themselves paying more than expected, from parking for the day to purchasing annual passes. 

Disney fans who’ve been thinking about a trip to Disneyland in California may have to dig a little deeper into their pockets. 

From parking fees to annual passes, the cost of enjoying the magic of Mickey Mouse is going up once again. 

These latest price hikes came into effect on October 11, exactly one year after the last increase.

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Mickey Mouse and friends in front of the iconic Walt Disney castle.
Disneyland/Photo via Instagram @disneyland

Pricey Dreams

“We’re constantly adding new attractions and entertainment to our parks, and our wide range of pricing options reflects the unique Disney experience,” said a Disney spokesperson.

The good news is that the price for a single-day, one-park ticket on Disneyland’s Tier 0 days remains at $104. However, many other ticket prices have increased.

The final cost of your visit depends on various factors: the number of days, the size and age of your group, the date you choose, and whether you want to skip the lines, park-hop, and more. 

A family walking in front of the Disney castle.
Photo via Instagram @disneyland

Here are some of the key price increases

For a one-day, one-park ticket: The price remains at $104 for Tier 0 days but goes up to $119 on Tier 1 days. This is a $5 increase from the previous price. 

On the busiest days (Tier 6), it will cost you $194, up from $179.

Regarding Tier 0 days, Disneyland is offering a similar number of them this winter and early spring compared to 2023, though the full 2024 calendar hasn’t been released yet.

Ticket Tales

Multi-day passes come with a set price regardless of your visit date. 

For instance, a two-day ticket now costs $310, up from its previous price of $285. Meanwhile, three-day tickets are priced at $390, which is an increase from the previous $360. 

If you’re considering a four-day visit, the ticket cost has gone up to $445 from $395. For those planning a five-day adventure, the ticket price now stands at $480, up from $415.

Park Hoppers, which grant you the freedom to move between Disneyland and California Adventure on the same day for an additional fee, have also seen price adjustments. 

However, the cost of a one-day Park Hopper ticket remains at $65. For example, a two-day Park Hopper add-on now comes to $65, up from the previous $60. 

The three-day Park Hopper add-on is now $70, up from $60. Similarly, the four-day Park Hopper add-on is also priced at $70, an increase from $60. 

If you’re considering a five-day Park Hopper add-on, it now costs $75, up from $60.

The fireworks display at Disneyland.
Photo via Instagram @disneyland

Costly Visits

Annual passes, known as Magic Key Passes, hold a special place in the hearts of locals and devoted Disney enthusiasts. 

These passes offer different levels of access. The more affordable passes have more blackout dates, while the pricier ones provide greater flexibility. 

For instance, the Imagine Magic Key Pass now comes at $499, up from its previous price of $449. 

The Enchant Magic Key Pass is now priced at $849, up from $699. The Believe Magic Key Pass has seen an increase to $1,249 from $1,099. 

Another fireworks display at Disneyland.
Photo via Instagram @disneyland

Lastly, the Inspire Magic Key Pass now costs $1,649, up from $1,599.

Other changes include Disney Genie+, the feature that lets you skip the lines at popular attractions. If you purchase it before your visit, it now costs $30 (up from $25). 

Buying Genie+ on-site may be even more expensive, depending on current wait times.

Lastly, parking fees have increased as well. Standard parking now costs $35 (up from $30), and preferred parking is now $55 (up from $50).

These changes were announced on the same day as long-awaited news about park hopping rules at Disney World.

Banner photo via Instagram @disneyland.

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