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With a refined taste for well-made home pieces, Venus Ngu carefully curated a place where guests can enjoy the family’s warm welcome and their excellent design choices as well.

To Venus Ngu, founder and managing director of premier furniture brand curator Casanuova, a meaningful life is one driven by passion and purpose, “It is about waking up each day because you are excited to pursue your passions or take it to the next level. It’s knowing each day that you are working towards a purpose larger than yourself. It’s working on something, not because there is a task at hand but because you want to share your passions and gifts.” With this in mind, her penchant for upscale design, and a keen eye for detail, Venus was then able to refashion their family villa into an exquisite gathering place which doubles as an expansive showcase of Casanuova’s sophisticated pieces as well.

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The villa, as Venus says, was built as a home for entertaining. The spacious driveway and the huge open spaces become perfect settings on certain days for various social events for friends and family. “We are here quite often and utilize the villa as if it were an extended part of our home. It has only been a short while since the time the villa was completed. Since then, we have had several unforgettable moments in here like the launch of Casanuova, birthdays, and intimate dinners,” she shares. Each piece of furniture is special, handpicked and selected with the utmost care by her. Impeccable workmanship and striking design proposition are taken into consideration before giving each piece a designated space at the villa.

The house facade is chic and modern.

“I have always loved design and the creative process that goes into such amazing pieces,” Venus tells us. “Even when I was younger, furniture and design fascinated me. However, it was when my husband and I began traveling to Italy that we discovered the universe of Italian design. It was at this time that I found myself truly immersed in its world and language.” Italian labels for centuries have dazzled and amazed those with refined taste. The perfected merger of history and innovation, form and function, and craft and creativity has piqued her interest in the stylish designs of the Italian artisans. She adds, “Every detail, stitch or shape always tells a story, it always references the past and harks back at design evolution and innovation.”

Regardless of theme, guest list, or occasion, Venus shares their three cardinal rules in entertaining at home, “First is space. Always create beautiful spaces where guests can be comfortable. I like to create flow to go with designated spaces in the villa. For example: Start with casual cocktails and canapés in the kitchen. This is a good place to warm up and get everyone in the mood. Serve a hearty dinner or lunch in a chic dining area where flavors and laughter converge. Get cozy over digestifs or a beautiful red vintage in comfortable lounge areas or corners. I find that guests appreciate a nightcap in spaces with striking design elements. It inspires conversation and exchange.”

Read the full story written by Pipo Gonzales in Lifestyle Asia’s February 2020 edition titled, “Exploring Our Island Paradise.”

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