Mattel Plans ‘American Girl’ Live Action Movie After ‘Barbie’

Entertainment company Mattel wants to ride the laurels of hit film “Barbie” through making a live action movie of “American Girl.”

Mattel scored a smash hit with its 2023 film Barbie this year, which earned praises and numerous recognitions this year. It makes sense to ride its coattails and aim at another potential successful live-action movie: American Girl. They announced the plans to do the film on Wednesday, December 13.

The toy company’s Barbie film first premiered globally on July 21 and has since received award nominations from the Grammys and Golden Globes

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Inspires courage, confidence, and strength

Mattel’s American Girl doll line has the tagline, “Reach for the star, that’s who you are.” The dolls celebrate girls and inspire them to grow up with courage, confidence, and strength of character.

The brand said that their dolls bring out the joy of girlhood and give them a chance to discover who they are. It did not matter if a girl is a toddler or in her teenage years as they can always find the will to be at their very best. 

Brand founder Pleasant T. Rowland explained that the American Girl dolls are more than just a collection of toys. They provide a collection of magical moments filled with goodness that would “nourish a girl’s spirit, send her imagination soaring, and make her dreams come true.”

Mattel’s American Girl is diverse and inclusive and celebrates every kind of great
Mattel’s American Girl is diverse and inclusive and celebrates every kind of great/Photo from Mattel via American Girl’s website

Rowland founded the brand in 1986 until Mattel acquired the brand in 1998. 

More plans from Mattel

Mattel Films, Paramount Pictures, and Temple Hill Entertainment intend to produce American Girl, the same companies behind Twilight and The Fault In Our Stars. The Associated Press revealed that Lindsey Anderson Beer will spearhead the script and production, who also wrote Pet Cemetery: Bloodlines.

The entertainment company also proposed some 14 live actions, which include movies based on Hot Wheels, Magic 9 Ball, Polly Pocket, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots and the card game, UNO.

Mattel plans a live action film of UNO, a popular card game
Mattel plans a live action film of UNO, a popular card game/Photo from Mattel’s website 
Mattel’s Hot Wheels may be getting a film
Mattel’s Hot Wheels may be getting a film/Photo from Mattel’s website

Not the first attempt for American Girl film

Comedy show Saturday Night Live released a parody trailer of an American Girl film in April. It featured actress Ana de Armas and a handful of American Girl dolls from different eras brought into present times but kept dying due to cholera. The video is currently unplayable in most regions, including the Philippines.

The Associated Press reported that the trailer announced, “Come for the fun. Stay for the overburdened preteens wearing four layers of petticoats and pantaloons.”

The American Girl dolls
The American Girl dolls/Photo from Mattel via American Girl’s website

Mattel collaborated with entertainment firm MGM for an American Girl film but did not push through. 

Producer-writer Beer said the dolls are historically accurate toys with elaborate backstories that could be shown on screen. “I am so excited to tell a story that tackles the issues of girlhood in a real and compelling way,” she added.

Banner photo from Mattel via American Girl’s website.

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