Domestic Bliss: Essentials For Creating Your Own Home Spa

Enjoy the luxury of a spa day from the comfort of your home with these nine must-have essentials that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. 

Nothing can really replace the magic of a full-on spa day at your choice of hotel, resort, or standalone treatment center. Yet with today’s busy lifestyles, it can get tedious to book an appointment and travel to the place whenever you need the pick-me-up. Nowadays, more and more products in the market are capable of recreating the experience inside your own home. 

Some might wonder why they need a home spa to begin with; but isn’t it better to have the option at your fingertips for those days that render you too weary to travel? Self-care is a necessity, after all, and one that should be accessible when the circumstances call for it. 

With these essentials, you and your loved ones can get some much-needed pamper time without needing to go very far.

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Reed Diffuser 

The core of every spa experience is engaging with all five senses, including smell. Aromatherapy is integral in creating a relaxing, pleasurable atmosphere. You want to make sure you’re using scents that not only last long, but also have a wide coverage to keep a space fragrant throughout your spa routine. 

Yugen’s reed diffusers do just that, with 19 different scents that will fill any room. Using the finest natural ingredients and made by French perfumeries, the brand produces aesthetically pleasing diffusers that use their signature Krajute Sticks, which effectively absorb and diffuse oil across wide spaces.A best-seller among their strong line-up of scents is their “Inspire (St. Tropez),” which features the uplifting summer notes of passion fruit and melon. Though a calming spa day can also call for the scents “Alive” (with its blend of eucalyptus, Valencia orange,  lemon, and peppermint oils) and “Breathe” (a combination of lavender, ylang ylang, geranium, and patchouli oils) as well. 

Cotton Bath Robe

A cozy bathrobe is the epitome of a luxe spa day, and as simple as it might seem, picking the right one for your home spa can make a world of difference. Crate & Barrel offers a selection of premium robes in varying materials and designs, though you can’t go wrong with a classic, white cotton bathrobe. 

The brand’s Turkish Crisp White Cotton Bath Robe is a plush dream, made from 100% organic Turkish cotton that just gets softer with washing. It’s also durable thanks to fibers with strong, smooth double-ply threads. A looped weave helps it dry quickly, while a subtle herringbone design exudes quiet elegance. 

Bath Bombs 

No one does bath bombs quite like LUSH, as the brand has always strived to create fragrant, vegan, and cruelty-free products that elevate the overall bath experiences. They offer a wide assortment of bath bombs that are all appropriate for spa day at home, depending on what your preferences are. 

If you prefer sticking to the classics, anything with a lavender or chamomile base will surely offer a calming soak before bed. LUSH’s “Time to Relax” bath bomb carries chamomile blue oil and lavender oil, as well as epsom salts, within a charming clock-shaped bomb for some added fun. 

Body Scrub

Exfoliation is a key part of a good spa day, so it’s best to stock up on your preferred body and face scrubs. If you’re searching for your next favorite scrub, Sol de Janeiro’s Bum Bum Body Scrub may just be it. It features the brand’s most well-loved and recognizable Cheirosa ’62 fragrance, giving off the scent of buttery, sweet caramel. 

The scrub is ultra-fine like sand, with crushed Cupuaçu seeds and sugar crystals that create silky beach-ready skin. Meanwhile, pressed pure coconut oil and caffeine-rich guaraná extract helps further smoothen skin and boost all around circulation. 

Towel Warmer

Towels always feel warm and cozy in spas, and if you’re wondering whether you can achieve that same effect at home, the answer is a resounding yes. Pottery Barn’s Square Classic Towel Warmer offers a sleek, flat metal design in a stainless steel material and moisture-resistant finish that suits any bathroom. 

Photo from the Pottery Barn website
Photo from the Pottery Barn website

It only takes 10 to 20 minutes to warm up your towels, which is just enough time to take a refreshing soak or bath before returning to some nicely heated towels—the cherry on top of a perfect spa experience. 

Facial Steamer

If you’re going to have a home spa, you might as well go all the way with some of dermatology’s most advanced devices. Face steaming is a spa experience that plays a crucial role in helping the skin absorb products. The gentle heat opens up the pores and prepares them to take in as much of your skincare ingredients as possible, leading to higher efficacy. 

Dr.Dennis Gross’ Drx Pro Facial Steamer takes things up a notch with ultrasonic technology, creating a microsteam that deeply penetrates the pores, decongesting them and hydrating them in equal measure. It also comes with two heat settings for different types of skin, and an adjustable nozzle, so users have full control over their skincare regime. 

Face Mask

Once the steaming is over, it’s time to apply your choice of facial products. For a luxe spa experience, the Clé de Peau Beauté Precious Gold Vitality Mask is not one to miss. Its antioxidant-rich formula contains a 24K Gold Infusion that leaves skin feeling bright, firm, and glowing in a matter of minutes. 

Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, then easily take it off with its rinse-off formula. Use it once to twice a week to fight signs of fatigue, aging, and stress—it’s the ideal companion to any spa day at home. 

LED mask

Ending the home spa facial treatment with a bang is Love K-derma’s LED mask. Nowadays, light therapy has become a popular choice of skincare treatment among dermatologists, mainly due to its ability to trigger processes of the skin that lead to better collagen production, improved blood circulation, and even the elimination of bacteria that causes acne, as Leah Worthington discusses in an article for National Geographic

Owning your own LED mask is certainly a luxury, as it gives you access to these benefits straight from the comfort of your abode. Its accessibility also promotes consistent use, which is key to seeing the best results over a period of time. 

Love K-derma’s mask is dermatologically tested, as well as FDA and CE-cleared, which is a reassuring test of quality. It comes with 420 multicolored LED lights and seven kinds of skin treatments . A voice-guided remote helps users throughout their skincare process as the mask works to lessen dark spots and signs of aging. 

Banner photo by Jared Rice via Unsplash

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