Dominic Rubio Celebrates Iconic Milestone Through An Art Exhibit

Celebrate Dominic Rubio’s 50th birthday celebration at the lobby of the Shangri-la Mall East Wing in an exhibit of his iconic paintings and sculptures up to January 15, 2021.

Dominic Rubio at the exhibit’s opening last January 27, 2020.

An extremely talented artist considered by many as the modern-day Damian Domingo, Dominic Rubio is known for his signature caricatures, which showcase Filipino sensibilities—local archetypes that are relatable and familiar. Characters with elongated necks and enlarged heads have since populated his rich portfolio and have made his pieces collectible. 

Rubio’s success is something he owes to his humble beginnings in one of the country’s foremost art locales—Paete, Laguna. His observant mindset has given him the empathy to fully understand Filipino culture and its social intricacies, translating these narratives into paintings and sculptures revered by art critics. As he celebrates his 50th birthday, it consequently coincides with his art career’s silver anniversary and his 20th anniversary with Galerie Joaquin.

Fittingly, his use of gold leaf embellishments is featured in the exhibited works to signify the milestone, complemented with his brass-sculpted pieces that add glimmer to this exquisite set of art pieces. Scenes of Old Manila, Filipino-Chinese communities, and plantation life are evident in the artworks, encapsulating much of our country’s illustrious history which Rubio’s works are deeply rooted in. 

For inquiries, you may contact Galerie Joaquin at [email protected] or (+632) 8723 9253 or Galerie Raphael at [email protected] or (+632) 8941 6194.

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