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The integrated resort and casino hit the jackpot with its green projects.

City of Dreams Manila is well on its way to becoming a carbon-neutral and zero-waste resort by 2030.

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The property has already begun implementing environmental initiatives throughout its facilities. This is part of the “Above and Beyond” sustainability strategy of its parent company Melco Resorts & Entertainment.

City of Dreams Manila is implementing its integrated and long-term approach to sustainability

Such efforts include renewable energy, energy efficiency, zero-waste initiatives, water consumption reduction, recycling, digitization of processes, and sustainable gardening or organic urban farming.

“We are committed to seamlessly integrate sustainability in our guests’ experience whether it be in our restaurants, in our hotel rooms, even in our gaming and entertainment facilities. Inspired by the ‘Above and Beyond’ ethos, we will continue to progress further with our green undertakings and soldier on contributing to a more sustainable future,” property president Geoff Andres said.

The resort, which includes its award-winning hotel brands—Nuwa, Nobu, and Hyatt Regency—and various premium dining outlets, is the recipient of the 2022-2024 ASEAN Green Hotel Award.

Here are City of Dreams Manila’s specific sustainability measures and their direct impact on the environment.

Renewable energy

City of Dreams Manila installed on the topmost floor of its parking building 3,120 PV solar panels. Operating since 2020, these can generate 1.2 MWh at full capacity and over 1,600 MWh yearly. This is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by close to 19,000 tree seedlings grown for 10 years or charging over 139 million smartphones a year.

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Reducing water consumption

Treated greywater is filtered and monitored to ensure its quality meets the required health standards. This is reused in the property’s cooling towers, which is estimated to save about 88 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of water or about 219,000 cubic meters annually.

Furthermore, the property reuses its laundry wastewater for toilet flush in employees’ locker rooms.

An executive team under the direction of property president Geoff Andres (center) drives the resort’s sustainability initiatives, from left: director of engineering Paul Bruce, director of hotel operations Kent Lee, Kaizen site leader Bernie Matubis, director of supply chain Fulya Oguz, director for food and beverage operations Chad Ogden, and executive chef Markus Tauwald

Elimination of single-use plastic

Since 2020, City of Dreams Manila has reported a substantial reduction in nonbiodegradable plastic waste through sustainable alternatives. These include bagasse packaging materials for takeaway boxes, resealable paper pouches for chocolates, and greaseproof paper for sandwiches, among others.

The property has eliminated single-use plastic bottled water in all gaming areas. It has also replaced small toiletry amenity bottles in hotel rooms with reusable and refillable pump bottles.

Having an onsite water filtration plant and bottling system with NORDAQ contributes to the elimination of single-use plastic throughout the resort

Onsite water filtration plant

The resort has installed an onsite water filtration plant and a bottling system with NORDAQ. It projects this to eliminate 11,000 single-use plastic bottles from hotel rooms per day. This is equivalent to more than four million single-use plastic bottles per year.

Reducing carbon footprint

Other initiatives meant to lower the property’s environmental impact include an onsite vermicomposting system, an onsite herb garden, recycling of used coffee capsules, partnerships that collect recyclable plastics, elimination of soap waste, implementation of food waste programs, an AI technology that reduces plate waste and food overproduction, recycling of used kitchen oil as biofuel, and digitalization of products and services.

City of Dreams Manila property president Geoff Andres leads the resort’s sustainability program

Green economy

The resort practices sustainable sourcing. In fact, 86 percent of its procurement consists of local
products in support of “social, ethical, and environmentally responsible” local small and medium enterprises.

The resort serves 100% Filipino coffee harvested by local farmers in Benguet, Bukidnon, Matutum, and Batangas

It partners with local coffee farmers through the Philippine Coffee Board Inc., procures 100-percent chemical-free and traceable rice through its partnership with Chen Yi Agventures, sources fresh vegetable produce grown in hydroponics from Aba Pardes Agritech Corporation, and purchases responsibly-sourced seafood from local fisheries and farms through sustainable seafood companies like Meliomar and SeaTraceability Inc.

Photos by City of Dreams Manila

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