Dr. Bread Delivers Premium French Artisanal Baked Goods

Classical French baking techniques merge with premium artisanal ingredients, an impeccable eye for consistency, and process discipline with Dr. Bread’s selection of baked goods.

Much has been said about the rise of baking enthusiasts when the lockdown started. This trend gave birth to the emergence of bakeries that delivered fresh products straight to our doorsteps. One particular standout service, which not only has been gaining traction thanks to companies who rely on their French baking expertise and the fantastic reviews from Makati denizens, is Dr. Bread. Lifestyle Asia had the privilege of interviewing business proprietor Vincent Landais and Dr. Bread’s chef Manu Piret about the success of the business so far and what their plans are in the future.

While the rewards of making one’s own bread at home can truly be an enjoyable experience, Vincent shares that what Dr. Bread brings to the table is the guarantee of premium products that are consistent in terms of quality and undoubtedly made with knowledge gained from decades of baking experience—something not even an ardent enthusiast could learn in the lengthy span of the lockdown. Add the outstanding set of premium ingredients carefully sourced by Chef Manu and the incredible discipline he injects in following his thoughtfully made recipes, any product that comes out of the oven gives the happy customer a promise of excellence in taste and quality.

Dr. Bread
Their well-made baguettes come in two different sizes, perfect for making crostini or garlic bread.

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Out of the Oven, Into Our Homes

From the delicately created macarons to the crusty, golden brown goodness of its baguettes, Dr. Bread has made a name for itself for French artisanal products that many in Manila have been craving for. Other bestsellers include their torsades, which are made quite exquisitely—ensuring its buttery, flaky puff pastry has the right amount of chocolate to make every bite worth it. Their croissants make for great breakfast accompaniments. Its crispy exterior and creamy interior, plus buttery smell, pairs well with your spread/cold cuts of choice or can even stand on its own. Do order their multigrain bread for your sandwiches and their pain au chocolat to add to your afternoon tea platter if you’re in the mood for more kinds of bread.

Dr. Bread
Crusty, creamy croissants offer good mornings for those in need of one.

All things considered, Vincent and Manu express that regardless of the demand for other baked products, the duo remains committed to sticking with what they know best—French baked products. This has made their business specialized and particularly reliable for those who seek authenticity in an age where factory-made products are easy to come by. And while profit is definitely an important reward in any business, especially in one borne from the pandemic era, customer satisfaction and happiness are more important for Vincent and Manu. The pair listens very well to feedback and makes sure that clients are always satisfied with every bite.

Dr. Bread
Multigrain bread is not only great for making sandwiches, they’re good for your digestive health too.

From Excellence, Following

Manu’s baking knowledge and savoir-faire is a prized gem in the business, Vincent states. His attention to detail, from the specific temperatures and types of flours to the use of high-quality butter, have kept the impressive consistency of their curated set and kept customers wanting more. As such, the group intends to finally open a physical store in the eventual future, hopefully in the next 6-8 months, next to its partner brand, Dr. Wine, in Poblacion. Offers have also been made to open in places from nearby cities to across the sea, a testament to what well-made products are bound to be given.

Dr. Bread
For a tasty snack, opt for a generous serving of Dr. Bread’s torsade.

For now, Vincent is glad about how word of mouth has given their brand the right exposure. With the multitude of orders coming from their digital platforms, the team is focused on preparing themselves for their future plans, all while keeping their product excellence consistent. The addition of more items in their growing menu such as cakes, sweets, and other pastries are already in development, so expect a wider selection by Valentine’s Day.

Dr. Bread
These colorful macarons make for great Valentine’s Day gifts, in case you need suggestions.

With enviable experience and aptitude in creating products that care about their customers’ satisfaction being unquestionable ingredients in its recipe for business success, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if you find yourself ordering some goodies as soon as you read this. And if you do, do yourself a favor and indulge.

Dr. Bread
Dr. Bread’s menu of delectable goods. For orders and inquiries, visit Dr. Bread’s Facebook page or Instagram account, you may also text or call via this number: (+63915) 513.5129.

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