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Any avid wine drinker in the metro can attest that Dr. Wine is the go-to spot for that much needed glass of vin. It is distinguishing itself as a mainstay in the ever-diverse Poblacion scene. Whether you’re looking for a full-bodied red or a refreshing white, the Doctor’s vast and ever-changing selection will always have something to suite your taste for the night. Of course, with a good bottle of wine, a platter of quality fare to pair it with is also needed to really make a fine night.

Dr. Wine’s decorated interiors showcasing the art of Cesar Caballero

Luckily, Dr. Wine doesn’t pull any punches with their menu either. With Chef Julien Lecomte at the helm, they boast dishes that deliciously complement their wine. From elaborate charcuterie boards to premium cold-cuts, the Doctor’s got you covered from deli to dessert.

A highlight platter that is perfect for those ladies who brunch, or for those who just enjoy quality seafood, is their Sunday Brunch Seafood Platter. LA Wine & Dine recently visited Dr. Wine to try this brunch feast as well as some of their new wine.

A Two-Tier Affair

The moment Chef placed the platter on the table, it was definitely one that demanded to be seen. A two-tier platter filled with an array of delicately placed shellfish on a bed of crushed ice. We were served the Couple platter, and with its size, one can just imagine the size of their King platter. The medley of seafood is served with some bread along with salted butter and an assortment of sauces.

The Couple Seafood Platter

First looking at the lower plate, we have a generous serving of mussels and clams. As well as some winkles (sea snails) and shrimp to round out the plate. For those unfamiliar with winkles, these require a little work because you have pluck them out of their shells to eat them. They’re well worth the effort though. Taste-wise, think of them as chewier, meatier mussels. Also on the lower plate, we have the fish terrine, which is a serving of creamy flaky salmon.

Mussels and clams make up most of the platter’s lower plate.

For the upper plate, we have the crowning glory of the platter – a whole crab. Around this ruby centerpiece is a scattering of Fine de Claire oysters as well as some more mussels, clams, and winkles.

The platter is generous, to say the least. Although named the “Couple” platter, this can surely feed four people happily. As for the flavor, nothing beats fresh seafood. The oysters are plump, the clams are rich and chewy, the mussels are just the right saltiness, and the crab meat cooked to a juicy tender. The sauces are a nice sharp contrast to the seafood’s mellow flavors.

The platter is crowned with a whole crab adorned with Fine de Claire oysters.

For a wine to pair it with, a fruity Viognier fits well with all the salty sea flavors of the platter. Also, if you find yourself wanting more for your platter you can order extra oysters. And if you feel like going double extra, you can even order lobster with your platter. Dr. Wine certainly knows how to do Sunday Brunch right. With a fresh and filling seafood platter paired with your favorite wine, Sundays with the Doctor has become a satisfying affair.

Dr. Wine is located at 5921 Algier, Poblacion, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila. For reservations contact (0917) 563-8811.

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Photos by Bria Cardenas

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