DrinkManila Mounted Tipple Tasting Event Series for Women

It’s quite common to see men outnumbering women in tasting events. Though women show interest in the alcohol industry, not many choose to participate. Their knowledge of drinks is oftentimes underestimated and men tend to take over the conversation. This leads to the assumption that the mixology and spirits industry is a male-dominated one.

To encourage change in this field, DrinkManila.com launched Women and Tipple Series, a set of tasting events to elevate the culture and unique drinking experience among women bartenders, brand ambassadors, and other drink enthusiasts.

tasting event
DrinkManila.com EIC Tatum Ancheta gave a short talk on women’s role in booze history. (Photograph from DrinkManila.com)

DrinkManila.com’s Editor-in-Chief Tatum Ancheta hosted all three parts of the series. She started off every night with a short talk on the role of women in booze history. Women invented and helped with the processes of crafting and selling distilled alcohol and spirits for medicinal uses. Over time, they started enjoying tipple not only as part of celebrations but also as a field of interest where they can excel in the art of mixing drinks.

Craft Beer Tasting

tasting event
Lindemans Lambic Beers. (Photograph from Drinkmanila.com)
tasting event
Amélie and Cherry on Top. (Photograph from Drinkmanila.com)

The first of the series was about tasting craft beer. Guests were acquainted with drinks from Lindemans Brewery based in Pajottenland, Belgium. Les Deux Belges Sales Director Romain Hotterbeex gave a talk on the history of the six brews that the guests were able to enjoy. These are Lindemans Apple, Faro, Framboise, Kriek, Pecheresse, and Gueuze.

Attendees also had a wonderful time learning to mix cocktails with restaurateur and mixology expert Icy Mariñas. With years of experience, she was able to create the nutty-sweet cocktail Amélie, Madame Bovary that balances a fruity taste with herbal notes, and the shocking flavor of Cherry on Top highlighting Lindemans Kriek.

Gin Tasting

tasting event
Langley’s Old Tom, Hanami Gin, and Empress 1908. (Photograph from Drinkmanila.com)
tasting event
Purple Unicorn, Lady Macbeth, and Furiosa (Photograph from Drinkmanila.com)

Following the first night is the second of the series on gin tasting. Held at the Gilarmi Lounge of Discovery Primea, the session was led by Booze Online’s Chester Cabrera. He presented the three gins for guests to taste and critique: Hanami Gin, Langley’s Old Tom, and Empress 1908.

Mariñas showed off her unique cocktail creations using the three gins. She started with Purple Unicorn, an Empress 1908-based gin sweetened with cotton candy. Lady Macbeth followed, a gin with hints of citrus flavor featuring Langley’s Old Tom. Last is Furiosa, a Hanami-based gin drizzled with Monin Strawberry purée.

Rum Tasting

tasting event
Don Papa Rum (Photograph from Drinkmanila.com)
tasting event
Doña on Vacay, Gone Girl, and Talulah. (Photograph from Drinkmanila.com)

The series was capped off with a session on tasting different rum flavors. Don Papa Rum’s Brand Manager Erika Larkins introduced the different rums from Don Papa and their respective flavors. These are Don Papa 7-Year-Old, Don Papa 10-Year-Old, Don Papa Rare Cask, Don Papa Sherry, and Don Papa Masskara.

Similar to the first two sessions, Mariñas took the guests into the process of making cocktails with select Don Papa Rum. Audrey of Don Papa Rum joined DrinkManila.com’s mixology expert and created The Doña on Vacay, a fruity cocktail based on the blended flavors of Don Papa 7-Year-Old and Masskara. Mariñas followed it with Talulah on aromatic dry ice and Gone Girl, made with Don Papa 7-Year-Old.

Women Enjoy Tipple

The three tasting events were nights to remember for all the women who attended. With the combined knowledge and expertise of the host, bartenders, and guests, the sessions were truly enlightening and enjoyable. Pleasant conversations were shared among women as they delighted in the variety of spirits and the good food that Discovery Primea hotel served. See all the delicious treats and the rest of the fun moments below.

Pau Alberto, Don Papa Rum’s Erica Larkins and Cri Molina, DrinkManila’s Tatum Ancheta, Christine Cacho, Kheem Courdec, Crystal Burnett, Frances Espinosa, and DrinkManila’s Icy Mariñas. (Photograph from Drinkmanila.com)
tasting event
Drinkmanila.com’s resident mixology expert Icy Mariñas creates Amélie cocktail. (Photograph from Drinkmanila.com)
tasting event
Delicious treats to accompany the cocktails served by Discovery Primea. (Photograph from Drinkmanila.com)

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