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From the fast transfer of bacteria to these fast-acting products

Travel here, travel there, unknowingly bringing along impurities with us everywhere. This is usually the situation whenever we go from one place to another. Since various bacteria are visible and invisible to the naked eye, we don’t always know the extra baggage we carry.

With the ongoing global pandemic, it is necessary to maintain proper hygiene, most especially in bathrooms. Personal hygiene not only benefits one’s health but the lives of those around us as well. Everyone must proceed with extreme caution, and this includes getting the right features for our homes to ensure our safety. Using top of the line bathroom items, whether in public or private, provides protection from unnecessary bacteria. Known for its extensive range of fast-acting products for bathroom optimization, Duravit designs its own hygiene standards.

HygieneGlaze – creating a new standard of hygiene

The HygieneGlaze isn’t the same surface coating as previously launched in 2015. Now, Duravit’s research and development team enhanced it into an antibacterial ceramic glaze that provides almost indefinite effectiveness. It sets an unprecedented standard of hygiene for toilets and urinals. As bathroom hygiene is considered a priority, HygieneGlaze’s new formula is not only effective but it also acts swiftly as well. After just 24 hours, 99.9% of bacteria growth is inhibited.

Rimless® – innovative and effective technology

Aside from the ceramic glaze, the Duravit Rimless® technology gives a hygienic, open rim design that results in a dynamic and powerful water flow. Even with just small amounts of water, the entire inner surface becomes squeaky clean. Public and private spaces such as offices, airports, and our own homes can experience innovative water flow and optimum surface flushing.

WonderGliss – for grime to easily glide off

The optional WonderGliss coating provides a smoother and cleaner ceramic that doesn’t give grime a chance as residue runs off more easily because of its smooth surface. WonderGliss is available with Duravit’s series of toilets, washbins, bidets, and urinals. However, combining WonderGliss with HygieneGlaze is not possible.

Being aware of the importance of hygiene is not enough. For more information, visit Duravit’s website or contact Duravit Asia Limited – Philippine Representative Office at +632 8689-7179. You can also avail of Duravit’s products at these Kuysen showrooms: Main Showroom (+632 8740-7509), Kuysen Design + Experience Center (+632 8861-9646), CW Home Depot, Pasig City (+632 8638-5586), and MC Home Builders Depot BGC (+632 8815-6057). For Cebu residents, you may visit Architectural & Interior Source Cebu (+6332 520-2308 or +6332 383-3378) to avail their products.

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