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Enjoy the benefits of warm, cool, and neutral lighting all in one room.

Your bathroom is where you spend most of your time preparing for the day and even ending it. The lighting inside it doesn’t just illuminate the space, it can also have drastic effects on how you feel in the morning, and how drowsy you are at night. From warm yellows to cold blues, Duravit has a range of illuminated fixtures for your bathroom that can let you enjoy just the right light temperature and atmosphere at any time of the day.

Warm light

Luv mirror designed by Cecilie Manz

Warm lighting creates a soothing, cozy atmosphere in a room. It promotes relaxation and helps us prepare to sleep, so it’s ideal to use this when winding down in the evening. Duravit’s Luv mirror emits warm ambient light at the top edge of the mirror. Its glare-free design is easy on the eyes, perfect after a long day at work. You can also adjust the lighting to an optimum illumination of up to 1,700 lux.

Cool light

Happy D.2 Plus mirror in Radial finish, designed by sieger design
Happy D.2 Plus C-Shaped washing area with functional icon controls on the mirror in Organic finish
Happy D.2 Plus vanity unit with illuminated chest

If you need something to wake you up gently in the morning, try using a cool light. This lighting is typically associated with daylight, so it can naturally promote productivity and help you feel energized. The Happy D.2 series from Duravit offers soft illumination with cool lighting to assist you as you start your day. Perk yourself up with the Happy D.2 Plus mirror in Radial finish; Happy D.2 Plus C-Shaped washing area with functional icon controls on the mirror in Organic finish; Happy D.2 Plus mirror with circular ambient light; and the Happy D.2 Plus illuminated chest with an optional inner lighting system for the vanity unit that turns on or off when the drawer is opened or closed.

Neutral light

Viu XViu mirror with icon control, designed by sieger design
Radiant Starck Barrel designed by Philippe Starck

Mixing both warm and cool light to mimic neutral or natural light is ideal to create a sober, open atmosphere. It’s also ideal for shaving your face or applying makeup with its balanced light temperature. The Viu XViu mirror variant with icon control can give a luminosity of up to 4,000 kelvin for a neutral white. You can also adjust it from 2,700 for warm light to 6,500 kelvin for cold light to suit your needs. Match this with the Starck Barrel for a uniform soft lighting. When the doors of the barrel are opened, the optional LED installation illuminates the interior without glare so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

SensoWash Starck f shower-toilet with night light, designed by Philippe Starck

Duravit also has a night light to guide you when you need to take a quick trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The SensoWash Starck f shower-toilet is equipped with a dim night light to help you find your way to it without disrupting your body’s resting state.

See the magic of Duravit’s lighting systems and feel their effects on your body.

For more information, visit Duravit’s website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You may also contact Duravit Asia Limited—Philippine Representative Office at +632 8689-7179. You can also avail of Duravit’s products at these Kuysen showrooms: Main Showroom (+632 8740-7509), Kuysen Design + Experience Center (+632 8861-9646), CW Home Depot Pasig City (+632 8638-5586), and MC Home Builders Depot BGC (+632 8815-6057). For Cebu residents, you may visit Architectural & Interior Source Cebu (+6332 520-2308 or +6332 383-3378) to avail their products.

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