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The modern bathroom is stripped bare yet shrouded in tasteful sophistication

The Viu and XViu series are just the thing for anyone wanting to give their bathroom a personal touch. The V-shaped profiles in Champagne Matt introduce an individual and unmistakable design element.

As we seek to build our own sanctuaries within the confines of our homes, we often find ourselves wanting less of frivolity and more of simplicity. We take a closer look at the essence of an object rather than falling for the bells and whistles. We strip down the layers of shiny exteriors until we’re left with the raw, bare structure in the center. This minimalist mindset has launched the post-industrial aesthetic we see and appreciate today, and has inspired leading bathroom products provider Duravit in its latest line.

Duravit innovations: the Duravit Rimless® open rim ensures outstanding flushing performance. The new HygieneGlaze 2.0 surface is fast-acting, killing 99.999% of bacteria within 24 hours. The toilets are therefore of the very highest level of hygiene.

Known for being a top innovator in the bathroom industry, Duravit has partnered with Germany-based design studio, sieger design, to bring the spirit of post-industrialism to their new range of products. This fruitful collaboration has resulted in what can easily be described as the epitome of a simplistic lifestyle: the Viu/XViu series. This range takes the best of the Viu ceramics and XViu furniture suite to bring a complete bathroom range that exudes a forward-looking design. 

The Viu/XViu series veers away from the traditional bathroom designs, and leans towards linear structures and organic forms. Its unique and precise geometry favors sharp contrasts that taper off into smooth, subtly curved edges. Ceramics, glass, and metal bring an epicurean touch and are placed in perfect juxtaposition with matt lacquers and polished woods. The colors of this collection denote candor as well, ranging only from neutral light to stark dark hues. Ceramics are in pristine white all around; aluminum finishes are available in Champagne Matt and Black Matt; real wood lacquer come in Silver and Dark; and semi-transparent smoked glass complete the cabinets.

To stay true to the no-fuss, no-frills allure of the products themselves, Duravit has equipped the line with top-notch technology that allows ease of use and full functionality. Washing your hands is made even easier with the D.1e electronic faucet that’s strategically flushed with the washbasin. The lateral profiles of the mirrors and mirror cabinets are fitted with a no-touch sensor switch that offers a dimmable lighting. Offering the first for mirror cabinets, the icon control on the mirror surface modulates the ambient light mode and colored light switching function: at a luminosity of more than 300 lux, the light color can be continuously adjusted from 2,700 (warm light) to 6,500 kelvin (cold light). Heating is also available for all mirrors to prevent moisture condensation. The toilets boast the same meticulous attention to detail and state-of-the-art technology. Metal push buttons positioned on the sides allow the removal of the seat cover, making cleaning easier. The technically-demanding realization of the open flushing rim thanks to improved Rimless® technology ensures outstanding flushing performance, with the SensoWash® Slim as an attractive option to upgrade your comfort to the highest standard.

The XViu washing area option with Viu above-counter basin is the ideal bathroom furniture. It is available in 34 distinct finishes–from real wood to lacquer to décor. The XViu mirror with its icon-driven control is easy to operate via the contactless interface.

Duravit’s innovations have shaped the future of the bathroom. And for this, the brand has bagged several awards, including the Best of the Best award for the Viu/Xviu, at the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020 and the Red Dot Design Award: two internationally recognized design juries. The Viu/XViu, D.1, and Sensowash® Starck f and Starck T won over the independent expert jury with their inventiveness and instinctive sense of design, quality, and technology. 

Sophisticated design, eclectic combinations of materials, a level of perfection right down to the last detail, and comfort-enhancing technologies—this is the bathroom of the future. Bare yet ultramodern, Duravit’s Viu/XViu series epitomizes our need to live simply in a post-industrial world. 

For more information, visit Duravit’s website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You may also contact Duravit Asia Limited—Philippine Representative Office at +632 8689-7179. You can also avail of Duravit’s products at these Kuysen showrooms: Main Showroom (+632 8740-7509), Kuysen Design + Experience Center (+632 8861-9646), CW Home Depot Pasig City (+632 8638-5586), and MC Home Builders Depot BGC (+632 8815-6057). For Cebu residents, you may visit Architectural & Interior Source Cebu (+6332 520-2308 or +6332 383-3378) to avail their products.

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