The Pinnacle of Home Appliances: Dyson's Latest Vacuum -

Dyson has developed their special digital motor V8 vacuum. Although compact, the Dyson Vacuum can spin at up to 11,000rpm. The cord-free vacuum that weighs only 2.6kg took a decade to develop, and sits at the pinnacle of home appliances. Compact and useful, the cleaner looks like a high-tech device, looking far from regular vacuums.

“We’ve spent more than a decade and over £250million developing our small and powerful digital motors. Our latest generation motor sits at the heart of the Dyson V8 cord-free vacuum. It’s the result of 18 months research and development and 500,000 hours of testing. This motor enables the Dyson V8 cord-free vacuum cleaner to be powerful and versatile, transforming the way people clean their homes,” says James Dyson

There is an option in which the vacuum can clean other things apart from the floor. Handheld and stick modes help clean down low, up high and dirty spaces in between corners. Less noisy than many of its counter parts, the compact devise has advanced soft roller technology that removes big debris and fine dust. Impressively, Dyson’s V8 cord-free a has bin mechanism with rubber collar slides that scrap off dirt easily. It can be removed from the device and cleaned with no need to touch dirt.


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