Celebrate Earth Day by Making Sustainable Choices

May it be hopping from one island of the Maldives to another, or surfing powerful waves in the Bahamas, no one can resist enjoying the pristine view of the ocean and the beautiful corals and sea creatures in it. These fun activities allow us to drink in the beauty of nature. That is why it is fitting for us to preserve what we enjoy now to have more of it in the future. While it may seem a challenge, it is possible by making consistent sustainable choices. As we celebrate Earth Day today, join in on the green movement in simple ways.

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ocean reef with orange fish
Ocean reef. (Photograph by Frederic Monnot for WWF).

Join the conservation movement

The World Wide Fund (WWF) commits to protecting life on the planet—from preserving species and habitats to changing the impact of production and consumption to encouraging people to support conservation. The NGO leads the celebration of Earth Day together with other nature conservation groups. In the past years, WWF has spearheaded platforms such as The Cascading Materials Vision. It promotes reusing of materials in businesses and industries. The NGO also released products like WWF Gifts. These feature KeepCup, bespoke limited edition cups; Set of 2 Wildlife mugs, and Butterfly tumbler set to encourage recycling. Other gifts and apparel are available to support the WWF’s global conservation efforts.

Today, even Starbucks participates in promoting sustainable choices by launching reusable cups in the country. Starting on April 22, Starbucks changed its iconic white cup to polypropylene-made ones, safe for reuse. Customers can also bring their own cups, tumblers, and mugs. In turn, they can donate their discount to given NGO partners such as the World Wide Fund Philippines, and Haribon Foundation. In this way, customers can share in the conservation movement while still indulging in their favorite hot or cold drinks.

Reusing materials is a simple activity that many can easily do. When every individual chooses to recycle, the choice reaches a wide-scale impact on conserving life on the planet. This makes for a better future, one where we can continue to have fun in tropical islands, go on safari adventures, or simply bask in the fresh and clean air while lounging in our backyards.

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