Eat, Shop, Learn: Gustatory Workshops That Teach As We Taste - Arts & Culture

Workshops are wonderful ways to immerse oneself in culture. Here are two we recommend that are both fun and delicious as part of the Singapore Food Festival.

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Kopi Socks to Cold Brew Coffee Workshop by Wanderlust Hotel at 2 Dickson Road. Learn about Singapore’s coffee culture through this lively interactive session. Not only will you make your own cold brew, you will also know (and taste) the difference among kopi, kopi-c, and kopi-o during the fun tasting session, so you can order kopi like a local without being intimidated during your next kopitiam run. The workshop also includes a second lecture and tasting session on tea or teh as the locals call it. Reach out to Wanderlust Hotel on Instagram to learn more. 

Marketing Communications Manager Lyndel Joyce facilitates the Kopi Socks to Cold Brew Workshop by Wanderlust Hotel

Chocolate Appreciation Workshop by Fossa Chocolate at 30 Gambas Crescent, Nordcom II. Fossa proudly makes chocolate from bean to bar and they make everything from scratch with no artificial additives. Their cacao is ethically sourced, expertly fermented and dried to develop deep, complex flavors. Beyond learning about the various types of chocolate and the different regions and countries they originate from, the workshop also includes a tasting session that was out of this world! As part of the tasting session are Kokoa Kamili (70% Dark Rustic Gem)from Tanzania, Kokoa Kamili (72% Dark Chocolate from Tanzania, Reheboth Estate (70% Dark Chocolate) from the Philippines, Honey Orchid Dancong Hongcha (52% Milk Tea Chocolate), and Salted Egg Cereal Blond Chocolate. You can contact Fossa Chocolate on Instagram for inquiries.

Delightful chocolate begins with quality cacao | Cacao photo via Instagram @fossachocolate

Visit the website for more information on the Singapore Food Festival. Now on its 29th edition, the festival runs until September 12th.

Banner photo of cacao via Instagram @fossachocolate.

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