Basking In The Delight Of Hosting Special Gatherings

Lifestyle Asia’s July 2024 issue of Alpha explores the art of building a welcoming home for all occasions through the graciousness of its cover star, Odette Pumaren.

Dear Readers,

Entertaining at home is one of my greatest joys, and lately, I’ve been inspired to infuse my space with the elegance and charm of Le Bristol, my favorite hotel in Paris. The transformation has been a delightful project—wallpapers aligning with chic paintings, shimmering crystals, a freshly reupholstered sofa set, and an abundance of fresh flowers. These touches have nearly completed my vision, and I’m thrilled to be almost ready to host gatherings once again.

This month’s theme, “Home and Entertaining,” couldn’t be more fitting, and who better to grace our cover than Ms. Odette de Guzman Pumaren? She’s easily one of the most effortless personalities I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. A few reasons stand out: her natural ability to connect with the camera meant we needed only a handful of shots to capture the perfect one, her home’s spacious and inviting layout is impeccably curated for hosting, and choosing her outfit was a delightful dilemma as everything she wore looked stunning.

Odette Pumaren with the Lifestyle Asia team behind the July 2024 Alpha cover shoot
Odette Pumaren with the Lifestyle Asia team behind the July 2024 Alpha cover shoot

What usually takes us five hours was wrapped up in three, thanks to the seamless flow of the day. We enjoyed pizza, pasta, and chocolate cake, but it was the laughter and stories shared that truly made the day memorable. 

When it comes to hosting, it’s these moments of joy and ease that linger longest in memory—not just the food or the setting, but also the comfort of being together. 

I hope this issue inspires you to open your home and heart to others, and remember, I’d love an invite to your next home party!



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