Editor's Note for August 2019 Digital Cover with BMW

It has been six months since the rebranding and relaunch of the Lifestyle Asia brand that kicked-off with the overhaul of the magazine. As we transform Lifestyle Asia from a print-centric platform to a multi-media brand, the time has come to relaunch the Lifestyle Asia website.

Our goal is to create an ecosystem of Lifestyle Asia channels. Our target audience will not only consume one media platform but all of the different channels. Each shall provide more relevant and inspiring content, stories, news, and information for our audience.

Our website content platforms have five major pillars. LA Lives is about inspiring stories of people; Luxe Living is about style, beauty, home, cars, and travel; LA Wine & Dine is about chefs, food, and restaurants; Arts & Culture and The Scene are about events and parties. Our objective is to provide relevant and luxury content that leads them to have more fun, happy, enriched, and meaningful lives.

We are very excited for everyone to experience our new website. The design, tone, and mood align with the new Lifestyle Asia brand. We have a fresh, cleaner and more user-friendly digital experience. While we aim to create an ecosystem, the website targets the younger and discerning luxury market.

Although the Lifestyle Asia website already has about 80,000 monthly views, not a lot of people know about it. That is why there is no way to go but up! Realizing this opportunity, the time has come for the Lifestyle Asia digital platform to rise and create its own mark in the digital landscape and to our target audience.

LA August digital cover features Charles Tiu and Milka Romero, two inspiring young individuals who are making their mark in the world at an early age. Our topic for this month is self-love and self-care—topics that are very relevant nowadays. We are also proud and thrilled that BMW Philippines partnered with us for our Digital cover and special features.

So please enjoy browsing and reading through our new website! We are delighted to provide you with more fun, enjoyable, relevant, inspiring and enriching content in the coming days!

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