Elegance and Sensuality: Chris Nick’s New Bridal Collection Is a Love Letter to Old Hollywood - Lookbook

Deconstructed Terno sleeves, tailored women’s suits, and large black bows served as design elements.

Chris Nick Delos Reyes creates pieces for women confidently embracing their sensuality in every collection. In his Fall 2021 set, Delos Reyes nodded to Studio 54 glamor, merging it with the resurgence of Y2K fashion. The floor-length skirts revealing hip bones and full-feather bustier tube tops exemplified this.

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While for Spring 2022, launched last February, he used his love for disco once again—after a trip to New York fueled the “obsession.” 

Chris Nick Bridal 2022 / Image courtesy of Chris Nick.

Surprisingly, among the form-fitting vest pieces and micro mini skirts was a Filipiniana gown. Using his signature design element of clean lines, MEGA’s 2021 Fashion Awards Designer To Watch created his modern rendition of the traditional garb. 

For modern women

“Truly, it’s a beautiful piece of history, and I would like to change the perspective that wearing a Filipiniana is synonymous [with] a themed costume party or a formal event,” he said of the Spring 2022’s collection.  

The designer wanted women wearing his rendition of the Filipiniana to feel “sensual in it and not restricted.”

With inspiration from old Hollywood, Delos Reyes continues his designs of more dressed-up (yet still seductive) pieces in his Bridal 2022 line. In a press release, Delos Reyes says he was fueled by the films and personalities he loved growing up. 

 Confidently sensual

As seen in his previous collections, the designer always aims to merge the past with modern times, and the Bridal 2022 collection is no exception. “In my vision, the Chris Nick bride is a woman who is effortlessly chic and a woman that is confidently sensual,” he explains. 

Delos Reyes says that using clean lines and tubular cuts was his approach to show off the female body. At the same time, he again injects his Filipino heritage with deconstructed Terno sleeves with masculine tailoring. For Delos Reyes, his newest fifteen-look collection is the epitome of the modern bride. 

All images courtesy of Chris Nick.

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