Embark on a Wellness Journey with these Essential Oils - Lifestyle Asia

In the constant hustle and bustle of city life, many don’t have the luxury of time to slow down. Our busy schedules hold us up from spending even an hour or two to ourselves to unwind and relieve stress.

Young Living recognizes the need for relaxation and renewal of the whole body. That’s why they developed and distilled essential oils to improve self-wellness. They recently made a home in the country and launched their products to a mixed crowd of essential oil enthusiasts, curious individuals, and even the skeptics.

The launch began with short talks from Young Living Manager Tente Alday and Global Education Specialist Leslie Lewis. They introduced the company’s extensive line of essential oils and other products infused with it such as facial and skin care. The speakers presented how these oils improve wellbeing and help in reaching one’s highest potential. The essential oils provide a more natural alternative versus products with harsh chemicals. These can be used for home remedies, cooking and cleaning purposes, diet supplement, and for aromas that can uplift your spirits throughout the day.

essential oils
Box of 10 individual bottles of essential oils. (Photograph from Young Living)

Some of the crowd’s favorite is Lavender, a blend of fresh floral and calming scent for various uses; Peppermint that offers a nostalgic aroma perfect for stimulating the mind; and Frankincense that diffuses an earthy fragrance for engaging in prayer, meditation, and other spiritual exercises.

The DIY session was a real delight to the attendees. Guests experienced and learned the art of blending different essential oils. They developed their own scent according to their needs and preferences. They can also do this within the comfort of their homes.

Guests took home freebies from Young Living at the end of the launch. A Premium Starter Kit containing 10 individual bottles of essential oils and blends was also available to purchase.

The event will definitely be the start for a new or growing fondness to essential oils and welcome it as part of daily routine.

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