Experience Quiet Luxury At These Understated Destinations

The quiet luxury trend has been all over the fashion scene, but what does it mean for travelers?

In terms of fashion, those who have been following the quiet luxury trend are shifting away from clothes and accessories with flashy logos that boast their high-end brands. But how does that translate to the world of travel?

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Instead of opulence, grandeur, and overt displays of wealth, quiet luxury travelers would probably prefer under-the-radar destinations. Prioritizing peaceful environments where they can simply relax and unwind, secluded retreats with a high level of service are a must.

If you’re ready to dip your toes into quiet luxury traveling, here are some destinations that embody the serene philosophy.

Château Voltaire

With only 32 rooms, Château Voltaire is a 5-star boutique hotel that is located in the heart of Paris. Its unique architecture and interior design pay tribute to the Parisian art de vivre, as the hotel welcomes its guests with historical depth, meaningful beauty, and refined hospitality.

Château Voltaire, Paris
Image via Château Voltaire’s official website


Gaze out into the sparkling sea at this minimalist accommodation in Greece. Each of Amanzoe’s villas feature open terraces with marble floors, dry stone-clad walls, and concrete columns and cornices. Guests will also have their own chef and host to serve them.

Amanzoe, Greece
Image via Amanzoe’s official website

Casa del Mar

Though Casa del Mar is one of the grandest hotels in Los Angeles, it often falls under the radar. Built in 1926 as a private beach club, one could easily pass by its entrance without knowing it was there. While still close to the bustling Santa Monica, there’s enough distance to enjoy the understated and tasteful premises in peace.

Casa del Mar, Los Angeles
Image via Casa del Mar’s official website

Hoshinoya Tokyo

No talk of quiet luxury is complete without a mention of Japan. Though Hoshinoya Tokyo features a grand facade, inside it offers a relaxed ambience with a sense of intimacy. The interiors are designed with a reinterpretation of traditional ryokan style, with tatami floors, shoji screens, and other uniquely Japanese elements.

Hoshinoya Tokyo, Japan
Image via Hoshinoya Tokyo’s official website

Regent Phu Quoc

Regent Phu Quoc is an island jewel nestled on Vietnam’s white sands. Embrace rustic island living surrounded by untouched tropical landscapes, with the comfort of modern amenities and welcoming hospitality.

Regent Phu Quoc, Vietnam
Image via Regent Phu Quoc’s official website

Banner image via Regent Phu Quoc’s official website.

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