Empower Yourself: Catch Up With The Top 10 TED Talks Of 2022 - Skin Deep

TED Talks have been known for spreading the most compelling ideas from a diverse range of individuals. Here are the most popular talks from last year.

All of the talks found in this list have each surpassed two million views. From developing a more positive mindset and dealing with the pandemic, to the importance of having fun and humor, there are many meaningful conversations to be had here.

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How a “Hi Level” Mindset Helps You Realize Your Potential

Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist Cordae talks about what it takes to build a legacy. He says, “The Hi Level mindset is not a recipe for perfection, but a commitment to honoring your potential and what you have to offer the world.”

Why Having Fun Is the Secret to a Healthier Life

Fun is essential for health happiness, according to science journalist Catherine Price. She asks the audience, “What is this feeling that we call fun?” Answers will differ depending on the person, but she says that three factors were always present: playfulness, connection and flow.

How to Discover Your Authentic Self — at Any Age

Bevy Smith, TV personality and business woman, talks about how you can still discover yourself no matter how old you are. With wit and wisdom, Smith says, “So make peace with aging, or prepare for an entire wardrobe of gloves and turtlenecks.”

We Can Make COVID-19 the Last Pandemic

Business magnate Bill Gates introduces the tools and strategies we need to invest in to prevent future pandemics. He says we should aim to “create a world where everyone has a chance to live a healthy and productive life. Also a life free from the fear of the next COVID-19.”

“A Seat at the Table” Isn’t the Solution for Gender Equity

“A future where everyone is seated at the table equally,” where “Girls are encouraged, empowered and expected to do great things.” This is what YouTuber, late-night talk show host, and author Lilly Singh hopes for.

How to Break Down Barriers and Not Accept Limits

Two-time NCAA champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and two-time WNBA champion Candace Parker says “Barrier breaking is about not staying in your lane and not being something that the world expects you to be.”

You Don’t Actually Know What Your Future Self Wants

“You are constantly becoming a new person,” says journalist Shankar Vendantam. Our future selves may not be who we envisioned, but in the present, we can still craft who we could become.

How mRNA Medicine Will Change the World

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, RNA researcher and Moderna’s chief scientific officer Melissa J. Moore explains how mRNA works. “We have entered an entirely new era of medicine,” Moore says.

Why Great Leaders Take Humor Seriously

Behavioral scientist Jennifer Aaker and corporate strategist Naomi Bagdonas discuss the importance of humor in leadership, saying “Laughing together makes us feel more connected.”

The Benefits of Not Being a Jerk to Yourself

In his quest to improve his relationship with others and himself, Dan Harris talks about countering negativity with kindness and love, saying “The view is so much better when you pull your head out of your ass.”

Banner photo via Ted featuring Bevy Smith.

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