5 Must-Watch Movies This Women's Month

Discover a collection of empowering films that spotlight the strength and resilience of women, perfect for Women’s Month and sure to ignite inspiration within you.

We all know the magic movies can stir within us – the inspiration, the motivation. And what better time to bask in that cinematic glow than during Women’s Month? 

As we celebrate the phenomenal women shaping our world, let’s dive into some films that spotlight the strength and power of women.

Photo by Roberto Nickson via Unsplash

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Little Women

Photo via IMDb’s official website

In Greta Gerwig’s 2019 rendition of Little Women, we’re transported to the Civil War era. 

A stellar cast, including Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Laura Dern, and Meryl Streep, brings the March sisters to life.

This timeless coming-of-age tale sheds light on the societal hurdles women faced in the 19th century, emphasizing the importance of living by one’s own rules.


Photo via IMDb’s official website

Step into the vibrant world of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo with Frida, according to IMDb, it’s a biopic that delves into her passionate and enigmatic life. 

Against the backdrop of colorful Mexico City, we witness Kahlo’s tumultuous romance with Diego Rivera and gain insight into her evolution as a celebrated self-portrait artist.

Mrs. America

Photo via IMDb’s official website

Featuring an all-star cast including Cate Blanchett, Rose Byrne, and Sarah Paulson, Mrs. America takes us back to the 1970s feminist movement. 

As per IMDb, Blanchett shines as Phyllis Schlafly, whose opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment sparks unexpected controversy. 

Through powerhouse performances, this miniseries offers a vivid portrayal of historical events.

I Am Greta

Photo via IMDb’s official website

In 2018, Greta Thunberg captured global attention with her impassioned speech at the United Nations. According to Britannica, she condemned world leaders for their inaction on climate change.

I Am Greta provides a revealing look into the life of this young activist. It explores her journey from Swedish student to global advocate for climate justice.


Photo via IMDb’s official website

Diana Nyad, portrayed by Annette Bening, challenges societal norms. Her remarkable feat: a 110-mile nonstop swim from Cuba to Florida at the age of 60.

Netflix’s Nyad chronicles Nyad’s inspiring journey, highlighting her determination and resilience. 

Jodie Foster delivers a compelling performance as Bonnie Stoll. Stoll is Nyad’s former partner who joins her in this incredible test of strength.

Woman Up

So, whether you’re in the mood for a historical drama, a captivating biopic, or a documentary that inspires change. These films are sure to celebrate the spirit of Women’s Month in style.

It’s time to raise a toast to the women who defy expectations and inspire us all.

Banner photo via IMDb’s official website.

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