PLDT's Gigabit Era Ushers In Trailblazing Internet Speeds

Homes in the Philippines can now enjoy impressive internet speeds with PLDT’s first-ever Gigabit Fiber service, opening up even more opportunities for every Filipino.

In an age where many aspects of daily life rely on online services and applications, from personal shopping to professional endeavors, having reliable internet connectivity is paramount. Yet beyond consistency, users require faster internet speeds that will help them accomplish everything they want to do in a matter of seconds. After all, time is a valuable resource in this fast-paced, technology-driven world where opportunities are endless. Luckily, the gigabit fiber internet era—a new generation of internet speeds—will soon be transforming the connected lives of hundreds of households and businesses in the Philippines. 

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Introducing Innovation

In an exclusive media launch, PLDT chairman and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan led a demonstration of the country’s first-ever Gigabit Fiber service at an actual smart home in Forbes Park, Makati City. 

L-R: PLDT FVP and Head of Group Corporate Communications Cathy Yang, PLDT Chairman and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan, PLDT SVP and Head of Consumer Business Home Jeremiah de la Cruz, and PLDT SVP and Head of Network Butch Jimenez

Together with other PLDT executives including Butch Jimenez (the company’s senior vice president and head of network) and Jeremiah de la Cruz (senior vice president and head of consumer business-home), Pangilinan showed how PLDT’s trailblazing innovation changes the game in the country’s telco industry. “Our infrastructure, which spans over 1.1 million kilometers both domestic and international, is not just a network of cables—it’s the backbone of dreams, aspirations, and the endless potential of every Filipino,” Jimenez said.  

PLDT SVP and Head of Network Butch Jimenez

De la Cruz added: “At PLDT Home, we take the internet speeds of the Philippines to the next level as we open a whole new ecosystem of possibilities for the digital lifestyle of Filipinos. The Gigabit Fiber service is not just an upgrade but a revolution that redefines what we mean by high-speed internet.”

PLDT Home ambassador Franco Laurel and other cast members from Stages Manila also joined in the special celebration, serenading guests with an enchanting performance made up of timeless melodies from music icon Barbra Streisand.

Renowned musical theater actor and celebrity Franco Laurel

The Gigabit Power 

With PLDT’s Gigabit Fiber service, users can expect impressive broadband plans with speeds from one Gigabit per second (Gbps) up to 10 Gbps—which is the fastest speed in the country. 

To showcase the true power of these numbers, Pangilinan and his team invited media guests to do a real-time Speedtest during the event. True enough, the service lived up to its description on paper, presenting the numerous opportunities users can access with it. 

Guests got to test the speeds of PLDT’s Gigabit Fiber service in real time

It goes without saying that faster internet speeds lead to increased productivity, especially when multiple people are using the same connection. With a more powerful connection, users can download large files, transfer data quickly, enjoy smoother video conferencing, and access cloud-based entertainment with ease. 

“Imagine downloading a 20 gigabyte, 4K video file in mere seconds or seamlessly connecting multiple devices without a hint of delay. This is the reality we are bringing to Filipino homes, setting a new standard for internet speed across the nation,” said de la Cruz.

Enhancing the Human Experience

Better productivity is just one of the benefits that the new Gigabit Fiber service brings. At the end of the day, technological advancements find true meaning in the way they add to people’s quality of life. This is something both Jimenez and de la Cruz underscored during their demonstration, highlighting what Gigabit contributes to the overall human experience. 

“From a child learning online to a small business expanding its reach, to digital infrastructure that contributes to nation building, our work touches Filipinos’ lives in profound ways. This is the essence of what we do, and it’s what makes evenings like this so meaningful,” Jimenez shared.

Faster internet speeds open more opportunities for the future as technology continues to advance

De la Cruz made it clear that the PLDT Home Gigabit Fiber Plan is meant to “cater to the evolving needs of modern Filipino homes.” The company gives users the flexibility to choose speeds that suit their lifestyle, ensuring that all their needs—like work, education, entertainment, and smart home activities—are met. 

On the topic of smart homes, the Philippines is now among the countries in the world that enjoy smart and secure homes with the power of gigabit fiber internet. This is a way of future-proofing the country’s abodes, making them ready for further technological advancements in the coming years, like virtual reality, augmented reality, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Photos courtesy of PLDT; Banner photo from the PLDT Home website.

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