Wellness Retreats You Didn’t Know Were Owned By Stars

From Leonardo DiCaprio’s eco-resort to Hugh Jackman’s wellness retreat, these celebrity-owned properties promise memorable escapes with a touch of stardom.

Celebrities, known for their jet-set lives, are no strangers to the world of hotels. 

Yet, some of our favorite A-listers have ventured into the hospitality industry themselves. 

They’ve gone beyond the red carpet and movie sets to create unique havens for travelers. 

Whether it’s crafting wellness escapes in Australia or transforming historical Italian estates, these stars-slash-hoteliers have one shared objective: to offer their guests the VIP service and privacy they themselves cherish.

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Leonardo DiCaprio: Blackadore Caye

Leonardo DiCaprio smiling at the camera, 2010.
Photo by Thore Siebrands via Wikimedia Commons

Leonardo DiCaprio, renowned for his commitment to sustainable living and environmental activism, is taking his passion to the next level. 

His 20-year-old foundation has contributed millions to raise climate change awareness and promote biodiversity. 

Now, he’s turning his private island in Belize into an eco-resort, Blackadore Caye. 

Expected to welcome guests later this year, this tropical paradise will feature 72 eco-friendly bungalows and homes designed by Jean-Michel Gathy. 

These pyramid-like, thatched-roof structures pay homage to the region’s ancient Maya heritage, while solar panels and water treatment plants ensure the resort maintains a minimal carbon footprint. 

Remarkably, half of the island will be preserved as a wildlife sanctuary, with a team of ecologists, marine biologists, and zoologists working to restore its biodiversity.

Hugh Jackman: Gwinganna Health Retreat

A photo of Hugh Jackman in 2015.
Photo by Eva Rinaldi via Wikimedia Commons

When Hugh Jackman isn’t gracing the silver screen with award-winning performances, he finds solace at Gwinganna Health Retreat

Jackman is a co-owner of this luxurious wellness haven, nestled on a hilltop just half an hour inland from Queensland’s Gold Coast. 

Here, guests wake up at dawn for sunrise qi qong (a form of tai chi) guided by expert instructors and the curious gaze of wallabies. 

The day unfolds with activities like boxing, hiking, water polo, and yoga. 

Meals at Gwinganna’s outdoor dining deck feature gourmet, clean eats sourced primarily from the resort’s organic gardens. 

And should you spot a familiar face, don’t be surprised; Jackman often sports a name tag during his stays.

The main dining and relaxation pool of Hugh Jackman's Gwinganna Health Resort.
Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat/Photo via Trip Advisor

Olivia Newton-John: Gaia Retreat & Spa

Olivia Newton-John was in charge of opening the “Anglo” night on the 4th day of the Viña del Mar International Song Festival 2017. The Australian singer presented her repertoire which included classic interpretations of the film Grease.
Photo by Festivaldevinechile via Wikimedia Commons

The late Grease star Olivia Newton-John owned Gaia Retreat & Spa, placed on 25 acres near Byron Bay in Australia. 

Established in 2005, the resort derives its name from the ancient Greek mother goddess of the earth. 

It symbolizes its mission to help guests find their spiritual center and reconnect with nature. 

Gaia specializes in crafting personalized wellness packages tailored to each guest’s health and fitness goals. 

Its residential-style rooms and villas offer sweeping views of the New South Wales countryside. 

On the other hand, the lush grounds provide a range of activities, from morning yoga sessions atop the place’s highest point to engaging cooking classes.

Olivia Newton-John's Gaia wellness retreat & Spa.
Gaia Retreat & Spa/Photo via Trip Advisor

Richard Gere: Bedford Post Inn

Cast of "I'm not there": Richard Gere, Todd Haynes, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Heath Ledger. Mostra 2007
Photo by Mireille Ampilhac via Wikimedia Commons

Hollywood’s leading man Richard Gere has taken a step back from the glitz and glamour in recent years to refine his skills as an innkeeper. 

Alongside his ex-wife Carey Lowell and friend Russell Hernandez, Gere owns the Bedford Post Inn. 

The exterior view of Richard Gere's Bedford Post Inn.
Exterior view of Gere’s Bedford Post Inn/Photo via Trip Advisor

It is an eight-room retreat tucked away in Westchester County, just an hour’s drive from Manhattan. 

This serene getaway offers wooded grounds, a peaceful pool, and a sun-soaked yoga studio. 

Rooms, designed by Lowell and decorator Tiffany Vassilakis, feature muted tones and many boast fireplaces and claw-foot tubs. 

Locals and city day-trippers often visit for a meal at one of the inn’s two restaurants: The Barn and the more refined Farmhouse. 

It is both serving American cuisine in a charming, country-chic setting.

Fireplace and pool of the Bedford Post Inn.
Photo by Dennis G50 via Trip Advisor

Robert De Niro: The Greenwich Hotel

Robert De Niro at 43rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
Photo by Petr Novák via Wikimedia Commons

Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro went on a new venture in 2008 when he opened The Greenwich Hotel. 

What sets this hotel apart are its individually designed rooms. Each is inspired by different corners of the world, including Manhattan, Milano, and Mumbai. 

Privacy is superb, with the lounge, lantern-lit spa, and pool that is exclusive for guests. 

Even the well known restaurant, Andrew Carmellini’s Locanda Verde, offers private dining.

De Niro’s influence in the hotel industry extends to the Nobu brand. In addition, it’s now with seven hotels already open and another nine in development. 

The pool inside Robert De Niro's Greenwich Hotel.
The Greenwich Hotel/Photo via Trip Advisor

Celeb Havens 

In the world of hospitality, these A-listers have created havens that reflect their passion for sustainability, wellness, and privacy. 

You’re not just booking a room; you’re experiencing their dedication to providing guests with a unique and memorable escape.

Banner photo by Siebbi via Wikimedia Commons.

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