Every Breath You Take: Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, And Shakira Threatened By Stalkers - Trending

These “followers” took it too literally.

Hollywood stars have been reporting stalkers and issues involving obsessive fans since time immemorial.

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The dangerous trend, however, has recently spiked with celebrities sharing their horrifying experiences.

Here are famous names who this year encountered stalkers that threatened their safety.

Ariana Grande

A 23-year-old suspect allegedly violated a five-year restraining order to break into Grande’s home in Montecito.

The singer was fortunately not home at the time. Police arrested her intruder for stalking, burglary, obstruction, violation of a court order, damaging power lines, and tampering with fire alarm equipment.

Previously, the suspect repeatedly appeared at Grande’s residence. He sometimes possessed a knife and threatened to harm Grande and her family. 

Taylor Swift

A 35-year-old man faces stalking and trespassing charges after entering two New York residences associated with Swift.

On one occasion, he walked through an unlocked door and stayed until security told him to leave. In another instance, he threatened a woman through the intercom.

Swift has had previous issues involving stalkers, including an armed man outside her Beverly Hills home in 2018.


Shakira recently announced her separation from Gerard Pique. Following the life update, she encountered creepy graffiti messages on the road outside her house.

A stalker spray-painted in green letters messages like: “I’m coming for you, my love.”

Though Shakira has reported the incident to authorities, her stalker’s identity remains unknown.

Banner Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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