Bleu Royal Diamond Sells For Almost $44 Million At Auction

Auction company Christie’s enlisted the Bleu Royal for auction on its website. The vividly blue diamond boasts a 17.6 carat pear-shaped gem and evokes regal elegance.

Christie’s auction company posted a Magnificent Jewels event which included the Bleu Royal. The vividly blue diamond is the largest “internally flawless” gem put up for sale on the website.

The Bleu Royal sold for 39,505,000 Swiss francs or a staggering $43.8 million. The gem joined a couple other rare jewels that got sold in Geneva. It has a 17.6-carat pear-shaped diamond.

The vivid blue diamond, known as “Bleu Royal” and set in a ring, is among the rarest ever to be unearthed. The diamond had an estimated value of up to $50 million prior to the sale.

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Bleu Royal’s rich blue gem reason why it sold

The Bleu Royal featured two diamonds on either side of the show-stopping blue gem. The diamonds present a size of 3.12 carats and 3.07 carats over a platinum and 18k rose gold band.

Bleu Royal, the biggest vivid blue diamond ever auctioned
Bleu Royal, the biggest vivid blue diamond ever auctioned/Photo via Christie’s official website

Christie’s Rahul Kadakia said the gem’s sale price is a huge amount of money given what’s going on in the world today.

The diamond’s selling point boiled down to its unique  “deep, rich blue color and unmodified pear’s brilliant shape.” Christie’s jewelry department head Max Fawcett exclaimed the company became delighted with the result.

“It really ticked all the boxes, which is why we managed to excite collectors all around the world, all the way from the Far East, also to America,” Fawcett added.

Bleu Royal very rare according to GIA

Christie’s rare jewelry auction garnered a combined total of more than $77 million according to Reuters. Fawcett observed that the market is strong in certain areas and that colored stones perform extremely well in sales. 

Christie’s posted the sale of the Bleu Royal
Christie’s posted the sale of the Bleu Royal/Photo via Instagram @christiesjewels

The sale comes with a GIA Diamond Grading Report. It stated that the Bleu Royal’s grade turned out to be IIb which means it is extremely rare in nature. Small amounts of boron gave rise to a blue or gray coloration according to the paperwork. 

The Bleu Royal when worn
The Bleu Royal when worn/Photo via Christie’s official website

Other jewels that Christie’s sold 

Christie’s auction sold a lot more magnificent gems like an intense pink diamond ring that sold for more than $5 million. 

A ruby and diamond ring attributed to Harry Winston made more than $2 million in the auction event too. 

A heart-shaped pendant contained a 55.75-carat gem which sold for almost $2.6 million. Christie’s Jewels posted the major sales on their Instagram account.  

“There’s a great market out there for rare things, and there are still collectors looking for the very best,” Fawcett said.

Banner photo via Christie’s official website.

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