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“I became a good listener to interpret the ideas of what clients want since they’re the end-users,” she says.

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Jenalyn Chua Javier, fondly known to her peers as Betcha, was groomed by her parents, Jaime and Aida, to take on the family business of public transportation. Chua Javier’s father founded a bus company in 1987. “Together with my siblings, I was in charge of administrative, operational, and sales tasks,” she shares. 

While her former position in the family business cultivated her entrepreneurial abilities, Chua Javier found herself missing the world of design.

In the quest to find the career path that would assist her parents and her inclination for interior design, Chua Javier saw an opportunity in interior furnishing and construction, and founded B&Co Projects.

“No one was managing the properties my family owns. So I wanted to handle it for them. I started with their lots and moved on to accommodating clients,” Chua Javier recalls. B&Co. started operations in 2014. With Architect Jose Arnel Dayanghirang at its helm, her company received an influx of offers to renovate and build residential real estate.

Unity of ideas

To marry her vision with that of her client’s requirements, Chua Javier prefers a personal approach. “I became a good listener to interpret the ideas of what clients want since they’re the end-users,” she says.

Although Chua Javier shares that she doesn’t abide by the 9 to 5 work structure; She prefers to be on-call whenever her clients want to communicate. “After each project, I’m happy to gain the clients as new friends.” 

With every project, Chua Javier combines her vision with her client’s needs

“In addition, I value communication with my employees because I want them to be with us for the long term,” the 40-year-old shares.

Chua Javier considers her ties with B&Co. employees just as crucial as that of her clients. “Just like any leader, I appreciate when rules are abided by. And when someone does well, I always make sure to give them credit,” she shares.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Dayannghirang, the principal architect and operations head for B&Co., focuses on the technical aspect of things while Chua Javier works behind the scenes.

“I’m the creative director for the team; I check all the work from space planning to the materials used for their designs,” she says. “My main role is to manage the ins and outs of our finances and Arch. Dayanghirang focuses on all operations and technical aspects in all the projects.”

Betcha Chua Javier, Architect Jose Arnel Dayanghirang, with their B&Co. Projects team

She adds that the pivotal part of her role is to ensure that everything is well-measured to manage the company’s finances.  

While the entrepreneur owes her work ethic to her parents, starting her own company honed meticulousness with work-related decisions further. “When I was with my parents, they consistently backed me up, now to avoid costly errors, I’ve become more serious and focused,” she says. “I forced myself to mature since the pressure and responsibility is now only on my shoulders doing business without them.” 

When days get hectic and overwhelming, Chua Javier heads to her home in Batangas for a pick-me-up. A quick day trip helps clear her mind she adds.

“After each project, I’m happy to gain the clients as new friends,” Chua Javier says 

But when she’s unable to make the long drive, Chua Javier can source inspiration from the mundane. The Interior Design graduate believes that you can find beauty in seemingly dull situations when you love what you do.

“Everyday experiences help me grow, and I can find inspiration wherever I look. From the electrical lines to gardens I see from the car, I can think up new ideas,” she shares.

For more on B&Co Projects, visit their Facebook page.

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