Filipino Art Wows International Crowd In 'Personal Structures'

The stunning works of several Filipino artists impressed an international crowd during the “Personal Structures” exhibition held at the Palazzo Mora in Venice, Italy.

The recent opening of the art exhibition entitled Personal Structures, a partnership between DF Art Agency and the European Cultural Centre (ECC), marked a significant milestone for Philippine contemporary art. Held at the Palazzo Mora in Venice, Italy, the exhibit showcased the exceptional talents of a diverse group of Filipino artists such as Alfredo Esquillo, Anna Bautista, Cedrick Dela Paz, Demi Padua, Dino Gabito, Isko Andrade, Manny Garibay, Mark Andy Garcia, Marrie Saplad, Max Balatbat, Pongbayog, and Raffy Napay.

Raffy Napay's "Differences"
Raffy Napay’s “Differences”

The exemplary Filipino artworks captivated audiences from around the world as this was held at the same time as the Venice Biennale. Palazzo Mora plays host to a much larger showcase. Over 100 international artists fill the venue’s halls, each contributing their own voice and vision to this prestigious location. This creates a platform of artistic expression, fostering a dynamic conversation that transcends individual works.

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A Rich Tapestry of Filipino Creativity

The exhibit presented a powerful testament to the vibrancy and dynamism of Philippine art. The featured Filipino artists offered a myriad of works that explored a multitude of themes and techniques. From self-taught visionaries to established home grown talents, the selection embodied the multi-generational spirit of Filipino artistry.

A Dream Realized

The success of the exhibit is a direct result of the dedication and passion of Derek Flores, Managing Director and Founder of DF Art Agency. Initially hesitant due to the logistical and financial complexities, Flores’ commitment to elevating Filipino art on the international stage ultimately prevailed. His decision to postpone other projects exemplifies the deep dedication of DF Art Agency to showcasing Filipino talent worldwide.

Emmanuel Garibay's "Daluyong"
Emmanuel Garibay’s “Daluyong”

The Personal Structures exhibition wasn’t just a platform for individual artists; it served as a pivotal step in introducing Filipino contemporary art to the international art community. As the sole Philippine participant at the ECC’s Biennial event, the project garnered significant attention and national pride.

A Memorable Opening

The vernissage held at Palazzo Mora was a resounding success, drawing a crowd of international art enthusiasts. It gathered a large contingent from Manila such Mia Ynares, Nathan Aquipel, Dennis Robles, Ajee Tan, and Carlos Ayala Vargas. At the exhibit opening, Demi Padua, Anna Bautista, and Raffy Napay, three of the participating artists, were present. The event was also attended by several Europe-based Filipinos like Mai Mai Cojuangco and Fanny Kroener. All were warmly welcomed by ECC’s Rachelle De Stefano.

The atmosphere around Palazzo Mora crackled with excitement and anticipation as guests marveled at Filipino artistry. The opening served as a powerful symbol of the unifying force of art and its ability to transcend borders. It was a testament to the deep well of artistic talent in the Philippines and the global Filipino community’s unwavering support for its creative spirit. 

The Personal Structures exhibition is merely the first chapter in a compelling narrative. Flores, through his tireless efforts, has undoubtedly planted seeds abroad that will blossom into a multitude of opportunities for Filipino contemporary art to flourish on the global stage. The international art community warmly welcomed Filipino artistry, and the demand for their works, as seen at the opening, will surely continue to grow. This exhibit will be open until November 24, 2024. 

The exhibit was made possible thanks to the support of Motortrade Philippines, Bank of Makati, Government Service Insurance System, My Diamond, Global Food Corp., and Cakes by Mannix.

Photos courtesy of DF Art Agency.

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