French Fashion House Opens New Leather Goods Workshop

This luxury brand that’s known for its leather goods further expands production by opening a new workshop facility. 

It is common knowledge that Hermès’ bread and butter are its leather goods. Best known for its signature bags—the Birkin, Kelly, and Constance—the fashion house takes pride in its leather craftsmanship. With more people appreciating the brand’s heritage and expertise, the demand for leather goods has skyrocketed. Unfortunately, the supply couldn’t keep up. 

Hermès Kelly
Hermès Kelly/Photo via Instagram @hermes

The exclusivity of Hermès is what separates them from other brands. The process of obtaining a quota bag is a game that people love to play. With an increase in customers, the luxury brand has decided to expand its production by putting up a new facility. 

Continuous growth 

In April 2023, Hermès was reported to be the second most valuable luxury brand in the world. Exceeding €200 billion in market value, the French fashion house further established its dominance in the industry. That said, the brand isn’t finished expanding its business. 

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Hermès recently opened its twenty-second French leather goods workshop, which is located in the Ardennes region bordering Belgium. The 5,700 square-meter production facility will be occupied by 250 artisans who were trained at the brand’s leather-working school near Charleville Mézières.

Hermès Kelly
Hermès Kelly/Photo via Instagram @hermes

”You have a savoir-faire that makes people all over the world dream. We do a lot of quality control, we check, but what’s essential—the real quality control of Hermès—is the pride of the person who makes the bag,” said CEO Axel Dumas in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Dumas also thanked the artisans, as they are the foundation of the brand’s bread and butter. 

Aside from increasing Hermès’ production, the new facility brings hope to the people of Ardennes, as it’s expected to greatly boost to the town’s economy.  

Banner photo via Instagram @hermes.

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