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Ignite the spirit and discover the sensual world of Cologne Intense

Fragrances are quite possibly one of the most complex and fascinating things we can encounter. Powerful enough to invoke emotions and compelling enough to paint images in our minds—and that’s only from just one whiff. But Jo Malone London’s Cologne Intense collection is a whole experience in itself. From mysterious landscapes to centuries-long traditions, this newly relaunched collection is a journey of the spirit through the world of fragrance. 

An indulgence like no other

Cologne Intense is a whole new different side to the signature scents of Jo Malone London with them being more warm and richer.

Hypnotic, mysterious, and rare. That’s how Céline Roux, Global Head of Fragrance, and Wandjina, Global Head of Creative, describe Cologne Intense. Although Jo Malone London is known for the brightness and freshness of their fragrances, this collection presents more depth and warmth while still retaining the clarity of the main collection. It’s enigmatic yet fresh at the same time. 

While their signature scents were inspired by British traditions and ingredients, the Cologne Intense took inspiration from stories and traditions from all over the world. Starting from the  formulation of the very first one in the collection 10 years ago, Oud & Bergamot, Céline Roux and her perfumers have been all over the globe on the hunt for exciting experiences and exquisite ingredients to complete a collection of rich and alluring fragrances. 

“We often look to rituals, ceremonies and local traditions as a starting point. I like to imagine a mysterious midnight garden, filled with all the ingredients we have been inspired by,” Céline shares. 

Discover the rich and the rare

Myrrh & Tonka is one of the favorites in this collection with it’s noble sophistication.

Cologne Intense features nine distinctive scents, each with a unique character of its own inspired by stories across the earth and respected traditions. Infused with rare ingredients, it’s a whole new world of exotic luxury that captivates the body and soul.

Oud & Bergamot is mysterious and alluring, enriched with the richness of oud and the freshness of citrus.

Kicking it off with the fragrance that started it all, Oud & Bergamot. Fresh citrus from the bergamot combined with the richness and depth of the oud makes this scent hypnotic and alluring. Jasmine Sambac & Marigold features the delicate floral notes of the Indian jasmine sambac. Contrasted with the clean vibrance of the marigold, it is then embraced by the warmth of vanilla and amber, making it enticing and opulent. 

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily is sensual and distinctive.

Cypress & Grapevine is described to be aromatic and sensuous. From the freshness of the cypress to the woody yet juicy tones of grapevine, its base note channels the earthy warmth of moss, taking inspiration from the Hanging Gardens. Now hopping into the Namibian desert, Myrrh & Tonka features the luxurious warmth of myrrh enhanced with the lush vanilla tones of the tonka bean. It is simply noble and intoxicating.

Velvet Rose & Oud perfectly presents the classic floral notes of the rose together with the depth of oud.

A scent that celebrates the versatility of the Damask rose, Velvet Rose & Oud is a magnetic and decadent fragrance with the floral notes of the flower wrapped in the smoky depth of the oud. With Tuberose Angelica, it’s been described as voluptuous and sumptuous as the floralcy of the tuberose is enriched with the spiciness of angelica.

Scarlet Poppy is sweet and decadent with floral and velvety notes.

Scarlet Poppy is a ravishing and moreish fragrance. From the scarlet poppies from Asia, it features the opulent scent of the flowers, enriched with the velvety notes of iris along with the sweetness of tonka bean. Inspired by a sacred tradition of incense from Japan, Dark Amber & Ginger Lily is a dark and distinctive fragrance with sensuality from the black cardamom together with the freshness of lilies. 

Lastly, Vetiver & Golden Vanilla is bountiful and delectable. Hailing from the coast of Madagascar, the vetiver from the orchid-filled jungles gives off an earthy volume that is paired by the warmth of vanilla bourbon. 

Revamped for the New Year

The delectable Golden Vetiver & Vanilla in the newly reimagined packaging of Cologne Intense.

Starting this year, Cologne Intense will now have a newly improved packaging. Inspired by precious stones and jewels, the collection makes sure that the stories that represent each fragrance are reflected in their respective bottles. 

“Above all, the imagery is sensory, because that’s what Cologne Intense is all about: deep feelings of allure and intensity, as much in its look and feel as in the olfactive profiles of the fragrances themselves,” Wandjina shares when asked about the campaign of the relaunch. 

The new Cologne Intense is now available starting February 2023. You may shop in-store, online, or you can visit their Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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