Eye of the Beholder: Photographers Around the World Pay Homage to Cartier’s Tank with Self-Portraits - Partnership

Being well-versed in different crafts and disciplines, these creatives know how to recognize a thing of beauty.

Breaking away from its time, Cartier’s Tank watch was immediately appreciated by the aesthetes of its generation after it was created in 1917.

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It became the watch of artistic and cultural pioneers, who praised both the purity of its line and its creativity, with the way it reinvented itself through new versions, faithful to its inimitable style.

Today’s artists pay tribute to the watch through a series of self-portraits that express their connection with this cult timepiece as a reflection of their own creativity.

Moath Alofi

Born in Saudi Arabia in 1984, artist Alofi is in charge of cultural programs at the Al Madinah Region Development Authority. He is also the founder of the Al-Mthba studio and the co-founder of Erth Team, a specialist production group focusing on safaris, aerial photography, and travel documentation.

Coco Capitán

Spanish artist and photographer Capitán quickly gained international notoriety as a fashion photographer. At 26 years old, Coco Capitán is an accomplished artist who combines photography, painting, and performances with editorial work consisting of slogans and aphorisms.

Luis Alberto Rodriguez

Currently based in Berlin, Rodríguez is an American photographer and dancer with Dominican roots. Fascinated by bodies in movement, the artist likes placing his models in strange positions. “As a dancer, I use my knowledge of the body to guide the people I work with,” he says.

Satoshi Saïkusa

Saïkusa is a Japanese photographer, portrait artist and sculptor and has lived and worked in Paris since the mid-1980s. Since the 2000s, alongside working in fashion photography, Saïkusa has focused on sculptural photography. In particular, he developed a new technique for cutting and assembling his photographs.

Yuan Gao

Gao Yuan is a leading Chinese photographer, particularly prevalent in the rock scene. Since 1990, she has photographed nearly every rock musician and the most important concerts. Her photographic collections bear witness to the vitality of rock in China.

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