5 Designer Outerwear Pieces To Invest In For Your Autumn Travels

These stylish yet practical pieces are perfect additions to your autumn travel wardrobe thanks to their versatile designs.

Autumn is a wonderful season for many people. Sure, it’s non-existent in the Philippines, but that’s what makes traveling to new countries so exciting. Fall weather is the perfect midpoint between the sweltering heat of summer and the frigid cold of winter. It’s cool, but not biting cold, and trees begin changing their colors, presenting a canvas of warm hues that are a sight to behold. 

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With that said, it’s still important to come appropriately dressed, as fall weather can still get quite chilly. More importantly, you’ll want to look your best with classic outerwear in neutral shades that are not only functional and easy to layer, but also chic. Here are four particular pieces you can add to your wardrobe before your next trip: 

Ralph Lauren Women’s Cable-Knit Cricket Sweater

Ralph Lauren Women’s Cable-Knit Cricket Sweater/Photo from the Rustan’s website

Sport a classic Ivy League prep look during your travels with this Ralph Lauren cable-knit cricket sweater. The intricate piece features a relaxed fit and striped ribbed V-neck (a signature of any great cricket sweater). You’ll certainly stay cozy with the sweater’s soft 92% cotton and 8% cashmere blend. 

Stay comfy with the sweater’s soft blend of premium cotton and cashmere/Photo from the Rustan’s website

Adolfo Dominguez Short Jacket in Cotton and Linen Light Yellow

Keep things casual yet sophisticated with the Adolfo Dominguez short jacket in cotton and linen light yellow. This piece functions as a cross between a top and outerwear for fall days that aren’t too chilly. 

Adolfo Dominguez Short Jacket in Cotton and Linen Light Yellow/Photo from the Rustan’s website 

Wear it like a top or layer it on another blouse, either way you’re sure to stay comfortable with its 77% cotton and 23% linen material. The jacket’s turtleneck design is also great for keeping your neck nice and toasty.

The short jacket is suitable for casual autumn outings thanks to its turtleneck design/Photo from the Rustan’s website 

Dior Macrocannage Peacoat with Criss Cross Collar

Dior unveiled its Macrocannage peacoat with criss cross collar during its Fall/Winter 2023-2024 fashion show, and it doesn’t disappoint. The piece features the brand’s recognizable Macrocannage motif, but keeps things subtle and sleek with a relaxed, straight-cut silhouette. 

Dior Macrocannage Peacoat with Criss Cross Collar/Photo from the Dior website 
A closer look at the embroidered detail on the coat/Photo from the Dior website 

Dior designed a coat that’s optimal for autumn weather with its black ultra-lightweight technical taffeta. The piece’s collar with removable scarf adds a highly practical yet elegant touch. Pair it with a pleated mid-length skirt and boots for a classy and chic fall ensemble. 

Pair the peacoat with a pleated mid-length skirt and boots for a classy and chic look/Photo from the Dior website 

Fendi Overcoat, White Fabric Trench Coat

What’s more classic than a single-breasted, straight-cut overcoat in creamy white fabric? Fendi’s white fabric trench coat  is a beautiful recreation of this basic wardrobe staple, but it comes with fresh twists.

Fendi Overcoat, White Fabric Trench Coat/Photo from the Fendi website

One of these unique features is an inside lining made up of fully-embroidered micro sequins in a pale contrasting color. This way, you can stand out from the red and orange hues like a sparkling white vision of the impending winter. 

A close-up of the Fendi coat/Photo from the Fendi website

A matching belt with a metal FF buckle ties the whole look together (pun intended), providing some added sophistication when you need to bundle up. 

A belt with a metal FF buckle completes the look/Photo from the Fendi website

Jill Sander Belted Wool Cape

Jill Sander’s belted wool cape is the epitome of grace and sophistication. Stroll through streets strewn with fall leaves in this knee-length, double-breasted cape piece for added panache. 

Jill Sander Belted Wool Cape/Photo from the Jill Sander website 

The piece is made of 100% wool and 95% viscose-rayon, making it ideal for the coolest autumn days. Beauty lies in the details with the cape’s shiny button closure and belt, as well as its welt pockets. It’s certainly the autumnal equivalent of the perfect little black dress. 

The piece’s cape design adds panache to any autumn ensemble/Photo from the Jill Sander website

 Banner photo from the Dior website; feature photo from the Jill Sander website

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