Falling for Autumn: Top Countries to Experience the Season of Fall

Autumn is the season of leaves falling, harvesting, and romanticizing being one with nature. These places are worth traveling to this fall.

For countries who experience four seasons all year round, there are some people who truly appreciate the moment colorful leaves touch the ground. Aesthetic walks on paths with leaves as well as the chilly air as a prelude to winter means autumn or fall has begun.

If you live in a tropical country that only experiences two seasons, don’t get discouraged! You can witness autumn by visiting other countries that are known to be the best places to be in during this season. 

Planning your next getaway? Here are a couple suggestions of countries to visit during fall:

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Autumn in Switzerland‘s majestic landscapes

The country is known for its stunning landscapes, so Switzerland being included in the list is a no-brainer! Aside from the beautiful scenery awaiting you here, it’s also their harvest season! You can check a wide variety of truffles, different kinds of nuts, pumpkins, and more. 

Fairs and booths that sell artisan products and local foods are also present around this time of the year.

Other activities that travelers can do in Switzerland are to go on hikes, experience and taste different kinds of wines, luxuriate in the country’s culinary specialties, and just be present and take in their culture.

If you’re traveling here for more than just the scenery, here’s a link of fall itineraries in the country! 

Autumn views in Zurich
Autumn views in Zurich/Photo via the website zuerich.com

Japan‘s picturesque autumn foliage

Fall is one of the most popular times to visit in Japan. The season starts from September to November. The vibrancy of Japan’s autumn scenery reaches its peak during the last week of November.

Aside from the gorgeous fall foliage in the country, their one-of-a-kind cuisine has some fall favorites that you should look out for such as their matsutake mushroom soup, salt-grilled sanma, and some pumpkin croquettes.

Visiting Japan is said to be a visual feast, so make sure you have plenty of resources to capture your special moments! 

For more information on visiting the country during fall, here’s a helpful guide.

Autumn foliage in a temple in Japan
Autumn foliage in a temple in Japan/Photo via the official website of Japan Rail Pass ​​jrailpass.com

Denmark‘s panoramic visuals

Autumn is the perfect time to visit Denmark. Summer has ended, so you get to enjoy being outdoors due to the freshness now present in the air. The fall views in Denmark are incomparable as well, so be ready for panoramic picturesque views. 

The harvest season is also what makes autumn in Denmark unique, so note that they take this seriously! Staying in this country means every food you consume will be hearty and fresh. Your taste buds will be blown away.

They also celebrate Kulturnatten, a cultural festival held every October. All galleries, churches, local businesses, and museums open their doors to offer cultural activities at no cost. 

Denmark has an assortment of exciting activities to invigorate your mind and stimulate your senses. For more activities to look forward to, you can check out this guide.

A couple walks by a lake in Denmark in autumn
A couple walks by a lake in Denmark in autumn/Photo from Lisa Pickard on Pinterest @pickard4 

An autumn countryside haven in Italy

Italy is a country known for its tourism, art centered cities, and delectable cuisine. During autumn, the warmth of the leaves’ colors are present in the Italian countryside as well as lake areas. You can appreciate the foliage through walking or even a historic train ride!

Traveling here during the fall includes harvest festivals throughout the season, so you can expect the best produce to hit the markets at this time. Here’s a list of recommended food in Italy for this season.

To make your future trip extra special or to add a little more romance, visiting wine cellars or vineyards can also be ideal itineraries upon your visit. More insights and suggested activities can be found here.

Autumn in the Italian countryside
Autumn in the Italian countryside/Photo via the website visititaly.eu

Gorgeous autumn and auroras in Canada

Witnessing the autumn season in Canada is the window to the most gorgeous views of foliages spread out across the North American country. September and October marks the start of the season, providing cooler air as relief from the summer heat. 

Visiting the parks in the country is recommended as stretches of trees with colorful leaves can be seen, enjoyed, and appreciated by tourists. 

Autumn in the Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada
An autumn lake view in the Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada/Photo via the official Electronic Travel Authorization Canada website

If you are in need of a different experience, train tours are another way to witness enchanting autumn views. Canada’s national train service, Via Rail, offers various tours across Canada, with views of the country’s widespread forests and numerous lakes. 

There are also various activities that travelers can partake in, and one of these is witnessing the majestic autumn aurora, aka, the Northern Lights. Winter isn’t the only time to witness the phenomenon. The top spots to see the lights in their full glory are in Banff National Park, Ontario, the Yukon and Elk Island National Park in Alberta. 

Banner photo from the official website of Pan Macmillan panmacmillan.com.

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