A 14-Year-Old Boy Is This Luxury Brand’s Youngest Intern

French schoolboy Milan’s impressive designs ranged from hoodies and gowns to heels and sneakers.

In November last year, Louise Odessa shared photos of her son Milan’s design sketches on X. Her caption says that she’s looking for an internship for her son, specifically with Louis Vuitton.

According to his mother, Milan is passionate about the brand and pursuing fashion professionally. The supportive parent also wrote about how the French schoolboy already knew so much about Louis Vuitton’s partnerships and history.

A 14-year-old boy's sketch inspired by Louis Vuitton
Image via X @LouiseOdessa

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Inspired by the fashion house’s distinct style, Milan drew sketches of sneakers, a tracksuit, a dress, and high heels, already bearing the brand’s famous logo.

La Libre reported that the local media picked up the story which then caught Louis Vuitton’s attention.

A young boy named Milan earned a week-long internship at Louis Vuitton
Image via X @LouiseOdessa

According to news outlet BFM TV, the brand did extend an invitation to the young boy to participate in an internship. By December, he had already completed the short course.

In the interview with BFM TV, Milan said, “I felt more at ease there than at school, after two days,” according to the translation from Daily Mail. “I really felt in my community. It is magic. For me, it’s the beginning of life.”

14-year-old Milan has finished his brief internship with Louis Vuitton
Image via X @LouiseOdessa

During his internship, Milan created a new design for a briefcase, which his mother has also proudly shared online.

After completing the whirlwind experience, Louise took to X once again to thank everyone who supported Milan’s dream. “Thank you so much. I’m so proud of him. Please if you read this here… Believe in you! Believe in your dreams! All is possible!”

Banner image Ron Lach via Pexels.

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