Pantone And Brands Partner Through Peach Fuzz-Hued Products

Pantone announced just recently that Peach Fuzz is the 2024 Color Of The Year and with these ideas, one can incorporate the color in your lifestyle next year.

Pantone announced its 2024 color of the year which is Peach Fuzz or Pantone 13-1023. The proprietary color space’s website said that the hue captures the desire to nurture oneself and others and its all-embracing spirit enriches the mind, body, and soul. 

These factors are evident in the color peach’s bright yet calming tint. Peach is a hue that hovers between pink and orange shades.

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Peach Fuzz evokes warmth and elegance

Pantone Color Institute’s executive director Leatrice Eiseman said the company opted for a color that’s radiant with warmth and modern elegance. They sought for a hue that echoed innate yearning for closeness and connection. 

Eiseman mentioned that they wanted a shade resonating with compassion, offering a tactile embrace, and bridges the youthful with the timeless. It looks like Peach Fuzz fit the bill.

Pantone elaborated further that its heartfelt shade of peach communicated a message of caring, sharing, community, and collaboration. It highlighted togetherness and evoked a feeling of a safe sanctuary. 

“It reflects the past yet has been refashioned with a contemporary ambiance,” Pantone said.

Pantone announced its Color Of The Year, Peach Fuzz

The company chose Peach Fuzz due to the fact that now more than ever, people need empathy and compassion in life’s many aspects. They explained that nowadays it was pivotal to recognize the importance of fostering one’s inner self and find moments of respite, creativity, and human connection amid the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Welcome 2024 with a peach gadget

New year, new gadget? Pantone x Motorola collaborated on an endeavor: “connecting through technology and color. Pantone said that the pairing of the color and Motorola’s design paved a way where phones are more than tools, but also artistic design innovations.

The collaboration featured two phone units on their website that’s perfect for the gadget savvies: the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra and the Motorola Edge 40 Neo. Both showcase vegan leather finishes with a peach hue, adding sophistication despite one’s everyday use.

Pantone’s partnership with Motorola

A peachy Pantone x Cariuma collaboration

Sneaker brand Cariuma partnered with Pantone in the form of peach sneakers. The partnership showcased four styles of shoes hued in Peach Fuzz.

Pantone x Cariuma sneakers
Pantone x Cariuma sneakers/Photo via Instagram @pantone

Cariuma posted on Instagram that for every sneaker pair sold equates to two trees planted. One gets to welcome 2024 with new and stylish shoes and contribute trees for the environment. 

Cozier homes with Ruggable x Pantone

Washable rugs supplier Ruggable collaborated with Pantone in a collection that harnesses Peach Fuzz’s cheerfulness and inspires wellbeing in homes. Ruggable x Pantone features limited edition rugs and doormats will provide a pop of positivity in your house.

A peachy and welcoming bedroom concept from Ruggable
A peachy and welcoming bedroom concept from Ruggable/Photo from Ruggable’s website

“These cheerfully washable rugs, doormats, and bath mats are a peach-perfect way to express yourself,” Ruggable said.

Pops of color from Ruggable x Pantone’s prism mat
Pops of color from Ruggable x Pantone’s prism mat/Photo from Ruggable’s website

The collection’s colorful and warm tinges in their rugs and mats should help evoke creativity, expression, and a sense of safety in one’s home. Shop their limited edition line here.

Peachy and picture perfect

Pantone ensured that photography lovers would love a particular partnership with instant film and camera provider, Polaroid. The partnership showcased their limited-edition i-Type Instant Film Pack, in peach of course, which will be available for purchase soon.

Polaroid’s i-Type Instant Film Pack in Peach Fuzz
Polaroid’s i-Type Instant Film Pack in Peach Fuzz/Photo from Polaroid’s website

The film pack contains eight photos and are compatible with items like Polaroid Now, Now+, and I-2 cameras and Polaroid Lab printer.

Shiny lips from Pantone x Shades by Shan

Pantone teamed with female-led cosmetic company Shades by Shan (SBS) through a product called the Lip Shine. The color company said that the Lip Shine is the first release from SBS x Pantone Color Of The Year 2024 Collection.

Shades By Shan and Pantone’s Lip Shine
Shades By Shan and Pantone’s Lip Shine/Photo from Shades By Shan’s website

The Lip Shine comes with a mesmerizing fusion of “high-shine brilliance and an intense lip care formula.” It is designed to shower nourishment on one’s lips, leaving them to be soft and plump.

Ultrafabrics elevates interiors with Peach Fuzz

Textile company Ultrafabrics Inc. also partnered with Pantone in the essence of 2024’s Color Of The Year, Peach Fuzz. Their exclusive peach palette ignites every designer’s creativity as their collection is set to show how the color can be incorporated into interior designs.

Ultrafabrics Inc. and Pantone collaborates on a palette that incorporates Peach Fuzz in interior design
Ultrafabrics Inc. and Pantone collaborates on a palette that incorporates Peach Fuzz in interior design/Photo via Instagram @ultrafabrics_inc

Ultrafabrics Inc. said that peach creates a warm atmosphere that invites people to embrace its nurturing effect. Elevated interior concepts with a touch of peach would definitely be a perfect addition to infuse into our homes.

Peach Fuzz as your cup of tea

Pantone and tea blender brand TEALEAVES created a blend that Color Of The Year Peach Fuzz inspired. 

Pantone x TEALEAVES’ loose leaf tea, Pantone Color of the Year 2024 Peach Fuzz
Pantone x TEALEAVES’ loose leaf tea, Pantone Color of the Year 2024 Peach Fuzz/Photo from TEALEAVES’ website

The tea brand said the blend is low on caffeine. TEALEAVES concocted it with white pekoe tea, elderberry, hibiscus, currant, peach, saskatoon berry, rose petals, and a dsm-firmenich peach natural flavor. 

It is a symphony of flavors and warmth through high-grade botanicals and calming, aromatic notes for everyone to enjoy.

Other collaborations with Pantone can be found here

Banner photo via Instagram @ultrafabrics_inc.

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