Festive Flair: 5 Opulent And Charming Holiday Decor Pieces

Bring some holiday cheer and glamor to your home with these lavish decorative pieces that also make for wonderful presents. 

It’s the season for decorating one’s home with festive baubles, figures, lights, and other accouterments that exude holiday cheer. To those who celebrate, it’s the only time of year to bring out the Christmas tree, and the ideal occasion to put those fine tableware pieces to good use. While it’s great to reuse and remix decorative items—especially in a world where sustainable practices are becoming increasingly important—it also doesn’t hurt to add a few new pieces to the yearly collection. 

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From elegant decor for the Christmas tree to uniquely luxe table pieces, below are items that are merry and bright—great for your home or as gifts for loved ones seeking something special this holiday season: 

Louis Vuitton Gaston Doll Santa Claus

Images and pieces of Jolly Old St.Nicholas have been a fixture in many homes for the holidays. There’s something very welcoming in the man’s smile and overall appearance, and Louis Vuitton’s rendition of the popular figure takes this approachable, cheery image to a whole new level. 

Louis Vuitton’s Gaston Doll Santa Claus/Photo from the Louis Vuitton website

The brand has dressed up Gaston, its beloved mascot, in Santa Claus’ outfit. The charming doll is made of smooth wood, which Louis Vuitton painted with utmost attention to detail. A gold, V-shaped signature for a nose completes the look, creating a toy-like figure that appears to have come from Santa’s workshop. Place him on your dinner table or by your living room entrance so he can greet guests with a smile. 

A close-up of the Gaston Doll Santa Claus/Photo from the Louis Vuitton website

Dior Bobby Snowglobe

Have a piece of man’s best friend in your home this holiday with this adorable snowglobe from Dior, which features Bobby—the darling dog of Christian Dior himself. The adorable pooch has been the inspiration behind many of the designer’s collections, with Dior even naming pieces after him. This holiday season, Bobby returns in the form of a fun, eye-catching snowglobe.

The Dior Bobby Snowglobe in red/Photo from the Dior website 

However, unlike the average globe, the Bobby Snowglobe is shaped like a bell jar, rather than a sphere. Inside is a figure of the loyal canine with a cute ribbon around his neck; give the globe a shake to create a luminous shower of golden stars for him. The piece is available in red, blue, yellow, and green variations. 

A shower of golden stars surround Bobby/Photo from the Dior website 

Medusa Garland Mug Two-Set

Okay, while this isn’t necessarily decor in the strictest sense, these 100% porcelain mugs are certainly ornate and festive. They look wonderful on their own, but pour some hot chocolate or tea inside them, and they’re just perfect for quiet holiday evenings spent curled on the couch with loved ones. 

Medusa Garland Mug Two-Set/Photo from the Versace website 

Red and green colors offer a signature holiday look, while gold embellishments provide a touch of elegance. Versace includes its recognizable Medusa motif, but adds some Christmas details with detailed illustrations of garlands. 

The Medusa motif inside the elegant mugs/Photo from the Versace website 

Swarovski Annual Edition Ornament Set 2023

Something close to magic happens when light hits a crystal, showering a space with flecks of color. Light up your Christmas tree in more ways than one with Swarovski’s 2023 Annual Edition Ornament Set. The brand comes out with different designs for their yearly ornaments, and this year’s edition features three clear stars. 

Swarovski Annual Edition Ornament Set 2023/Photo from the Swarovski website

In creating the piece, Swarovski took inspiration from the harmony of nature and science, creating precise and intricate crystals with a total of 291 facets. The pieces hang from a green grosgrain ribbon with gold-tone plates featuring the year “2023.” Use them as mementos of the year, or give them to loved ones as timely holiday tokens. 

Tiffany & Co. Tree Ornament

Another trinket for the Christmas tree is the Tiffany & Co. Tree Ornament. Though this might seem quite redundant, having a miniature tree on your tree adds an eccentric kind of charm to your overall holiday setup. This small tree is a lot more glamorous than the typical pine tree, with gold star embellishments set atop a mint green finish on immaculate bone porcelain. 

The Tiffany & Co. Tree Ornament in Bone China/Photo from the Tiffany & Co. website

Fendi Bauble With Gold-Color Micro Baguette Bag

Put a fresh spin on the usual Christmas tree decor with Fendi’s Gold-Color Micro Baguette Bag Bauble. The novel piece is made of transparent glass, with a miniature version of the brand’s famous Baguette Bag at the center.

Fendi Bauble with Gold-Color Micro Baguette Bag/Photo from the Fendi website 

Its beauty lies in the details, as the bag has gold glitter, gold laminated leather details, and even gold-finish metalware; it’s hard to believe it’s not the real deal. Use it on your tree to showcase your discerning taste or give it to your dearest fashionista friend. 

A closer look at the intricate details of the mini Baguette bag/Photo from the Fendi website 

Banner photos from the Swarovski website, Tiffany & Co. website, Fendi website, Versace website, and Louis Vuitton website; Edited by Agatha Romero.

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