Draw In The Festive Spirit To Your Home With Divine Christmas Wreaths

Ignite a joyful spirit by hanging up this seasonal decor on your door or an empty wall in your living spaces.

This year has been difficult, but it doesn’t take away our hope for better days ahead. As we approach Christmas, we are reminded of a special day to allow healing and to welcome light into our lives again. Although the holidays will definitely be different this year, we can still bring in cheerful spirits by decorating our homes with lively hues and scents. Christmas wreaths are among the wonderful decor you can hang up, inviting a sense of merriment in our houses.

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Fig & Vine Floral Studio

Beyond styling for special occasions, Fig & Vine Floral Studio distinguishes itself with its exquisite wreaths. Made from crafts of local artisans, each boasts of different lovely arrangements. From peonies, pine cones, seeded eucalyptus, to sprayed misty flowers, you are certain to find a design for your home. If you are one to keep things simple, opt for their twig wreaths made theatrical with decorative balls, dried orange slices, red satin ribbon, and cypress leaves. Each wreath comes in a custom box, perfect to be a gift.


Take your festivities to greater heights with the different Christmas wreath designs of Lanai. The concept store carries both minimalist and maximalist arrangements. For traditional wreaths, they decorate them with dried oak leaves, pine cones, ilex berries, and dried lemon slices. If you prefer a simpler yet stunning design, opt for their mixed fruit wreaths in olive or waxed cypress in copper. They offer plain fresh abies as well if you want to decorate with your own elements.

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LEFT: ‘Tis the Season. RIGHT: Berry Merry. (Photos from Petalier’s website)


The floral studio is known for its alluring bouquets and balloon arrangements. This season, they are offering fresh noble fir foliage and cinnamon sticks. Holiday elements like decorative balls and leaves, red berries, and glimmering twigs make up the rest of the wreath. Apart from these festive looks, you can definitely surround your home with the wonderful scents of Christmas as well.

Akong Gugma

Known for their whimsical designs, Akong Gugma uses exotic species of flora to create unique arrangements. When you scroll through their Instagram page, you will easily fall in love with their fanciful choice of colors, textures, and height to their wreaths. For their holiday designs, send them a message so you can collaborate with the team on your personal Christmas wreath.

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For those in the United States, you may want to explore the lovely arrangements of this New York-based studio. It’s the brainchild of former NYC Ballet principal dance and actor Robbie Fairchild who chooses to continue spreading cheer through his creations. Boo.kay’s arrangements may be seasonal, but it is exactly the changing designs that make it special. The Autumn Wreath, for instance, is made up of chrysanthemums and leaves that range from pale red to faded green, highlighting the rustic feel while maintaining bright energy.

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Spruce Floral Designs

This year, the floral studio elevates their wreath designs using cotton stems and fresh pine. Apart from the usual red and green, the addition of the white fuzzy elements gives off a refreshing feel. Similar goes with their usual designs—from minimalist green leaves with a red ribbon to a delightful blend of scents using dried citrus fruits, pine cones, cherries, and cinnamon bark, these wreaths definitely live up to the studio’s name.

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Rustan’s Flower Shop

If you prefer more modern wreaths, Rustan’s offers rustic-themed ones made of thin sticks and twigs meticulously formed into a circular shape. Cinnamon bark, pine cones, and a bunch of eucalyptus leaves make up the rest of the wreath. However, if you want a more personal touch, you can opt for their DIY kits in either Lavender or Eucalyptus. Beyond these rustic wreaths, they still offer traditional Yuletide themes for your usual dose of refreshing green.

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