Fighting Off Fakes: Merz Aesthetics® Teaches Us How to Spot Authentic Ultherapy® - Featured Article

Nothing embodies confidence better than just being real.

The past few years have been tough for everyone, especially with the pandemic still going around. Good thing this year has loosened up a bit with everything going back to the way it was, little by little. People are now slowly moving back to their offices, travels for leisure are available again, and it is very much possible to go to your trusted aesthetic clinic for that much needed pampering session. Filipinos are once again investing in their skin, face, and beauty so they can handle the tough days ahead with confidence. With this new demand coming in, Merz Aesthetics® and Ultherapy® with their partners are working hand-in-hand so they can ensure they can provide their patients the better look, the better feeling, and the better life this 2022.

Leading Doctors and other Merz Aesthetics® Partners Gather at the Peninsula Manila Hotel for Confidently U

To achieve this goal of making people look better, feel better, and live better, Merz Aesthetics® moved forward in holding conferences and other events to discuss the latest beauty trends, innovations, and solutions in aesthetic medicine. This was the focus in the recently-conducted event “Confidently U” held at the Peninsula Manila Hotel last June 23, 2022.

Merz Aesthetics® Ultherapy®

The day was spent with a comprehensive line of lectures, talks, and masterclasses with the best aesthetic doctors to promote trusted treatments which enhance—not change—one’s beauty and encourage people to achieve the best versions of themselves through natural-looking yet effective enhancements.

Dr. Gaile Robredo-Vitas Speaks of Post-Pandemic Patient Skin Needs

The event led to a festive yet insightful evening with accredited partner doctors and clinics from the Gold Standard in non-invasive skin lifting and tightening, Ultherapy®. Of the many things discussed, board-certified dermatologist Gaile Robredo-Vitas, MD along with her patient, spoke of the ever-evolving needs of patient’s skin post-pandemic.

Dr. Jonathan Nevin Yu Discussing Insight on Ultherapy®’s See-Plan-Treat Protocol

Jonathan Nevin Yu, MD, another esteemed dermatologist, shared his insights on Ultherapy®’s See-Plan-Treat protocol to achieve the best results for their patients and how Ultherapy® remains to be the Gold Standard when it comes to skin lifting and tightening compared to all the devices in the market. “Many devices are currently on the market, and in my experience, nothing has come close to Ultherapy,” Dr. Yu concluded. 

Merz Aesthetics® Also Discussed Issues on Ultherapy® Counterfeits

To top it all off, Merz Aesthetics® addressed the issue of counterfeiting in the industry, most especially in Ultherapy® procedures in the country, by establishing measures to ensure patients the authenticity of their products and services. This includes an authenticity emblem, yearly releasing seal of authenticity, clinic certificate of authenticity, and patient certificate of authenticity. Accredited providers were also awarded an authenticity certificate in recognition of their partnership of Merz Aesthetics®, which is also in line with Ultherapy®’s #RealMattersToMe authenticity campaign. The campaign seeks to call out fake providers and educate patients about the dangers of fake treatments.

Merz Aesthetics® Philippines GM, Jorge Libanan, assured patients that the company is taking their safety seriously and is committed to secure their needs with doctors and other partners—keeping it real for patients so they can authentically look better, feel better, and live better confidently.

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The Merz Aesthetics® and Ultherapy® are registered trademarks of the Merz group of companies. PHULTA06062022


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