Find Your Center: 6 Global Luxury Wellness Retreats for Enriching Experiences - Travel

One retreat offers a trip to four countries by private jets.

The world is slowly recovering from the pandemic by easing lockdown restrictions and lifting travel bans. However, individually, we may need a break to recenter and find balance from the whirlwind of the past two years.

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Many consider traveling a form of therapy to pause from their busy lives and immerse in new cultures, so a trip to a nature-centric retreat can be a great option. You can find solace in yoga and meditation in Hawaii. To experience Asian cultural sights, you can visit four countries via private jet courtesy of Aman.

To relax while exploring African wildlife, take a retreat to Botswana in Wilderness Safaris’ luxury campsites.

Whatever matches your idea of an enriching vacation, we’ve rounded up six global wellness retreats to satisfy your urge to travel and refresh from going through a pandemic.

Experience Seven Senses Retreat

Where: Mallorca, Spain

The retreat scheduled from June 18 to 25 aims to take you on a spiritual journey to balance the energy centers of your body, the seven chakras. Facilitated by holistic coach and integrative medicine expert Dr. Erica Matluck and her partner sound practitioner, coach, and kundalini teacher Paul Kuhn, activities span from sound journeys to breathwork and wellbeing workshops.

Amid the tropical paradise of Mallorca’s beaches and limestone mountains, Seven Senses invites you to deepen your connection with yourself. Whether you’re going through a transition phase navigating your career, romantic partnership, or heath, developing a spiritual practice may gain you clarity. 

You can book here

Aman Mindful Cultural Journey

Where: China, Bhutan, India, and Sri Lanka

From September 21 to October 7, Swiss-based multinational hospitality group Aman is holding a luxurious expedition across Asia. Up to 18 guests can enjoy a cultural journey by exploring China, Bhutan, India, and Sri Lanka. Air travel will be via private jets, and accommodation is exclusively in Aman properties. 

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The itinerary includes visits to Shanghai’s serene forests, Bhutan’s sole-remaining the Buddhist Kingdom, culinary experiences in Rajasthan’s tiger-inhibited national park, and Sri Lanka’s beaches and historical Galle Fort. 

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You can book here.

Mama Medicine 1111 Portal Pilgrimage and Retreat

Where: Egypt

Scheduled from November 5 to 11 (in time for the date 11/11, a number signifying transformation in numerology), the retreat is headed by shamanic healing facilitator Deborah Hanekamp and author and The Feminine Code founder Kate Murphy.

The retreat and pilgrimage want to help guests “feel limitless” by merging the qualities of gratefulness and generosity. Visits to Egypt’s ancient wonders like the temples of Goddess Isis, Sekhmet and Hathor, the King’s Chamber at Giza, and Osiris’ temple, while exploring the ancient Egyptian towns of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. 

You can book here.

Find Your Guru in Hawaii

Where: Lanai, Hawaii 

The year-round retreat is held in The Four Seasons Hotel Lanai at Koele, A Sensei Retreat in Hawaii. In contrast to the hospitality group’s over 100 sprawling resort locations, this property was made explicitly for wellness retreats. 

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The resort sits surrounded by Lanai’s mountains, with 96 minimalist-Japanese-inspired rooms. Each itinerary is customized with a Sensei expert’s help, depending on what you want to tackle. At the same time, activities and therapies include yoga, meditation, thermal body mapping, and sleep analysis. 

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You can book here.

Fykiada Energy Healing Yoga Retreat

Where: Mykonos, Greece

From October 9 to 14, Yin Yoga teacher and Nosco Yoga founder Stephanie Nosco are holding a restoration and reflection retreat to press the “pause” button on your life. Located in the luxurious 5* Mykonos resort, classes of active yoga, meditation, and breathwork are included to cleanse your inner energetic system. 

Beyond healing experiences like evening Yin yoga practices and guided shamanic journey meditations, the retreat includes: travel to a Myconian farm, a trip to the sacred island of Delos, and various island spots.

You can book here.

Wilderness Safaris

Where: Okavango Delta, Botswana

For a deluxe experience immersing yourself in African wildlife, Wilderness Safaris offers stays at their luxury camps and exotic animal sightings. The package includes your own private tour guide, chef, and butler. 

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Given the many ways to explore Okavango Delta, like the camp’s facilities and rural areas outside, most of their itineraries are bespoke. You may also book a year-long stay through their Purpose Itineraries for six guests per trip. The proceeds for the more extended package go to Wilderness Safaris’ conservation and community projects. 

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You can book here.

Banner photo from @Aman on Instagram.

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