Fitness Enthusiasts Redefine An Active Lifestyle With Their Resolutions

This year’s resolutions redefine staying fit from beauty and body shape-focused goals.

The “new year, new you” mantra is definitely out of people’s resolutions in 2021. Since the pandemic began, there are far more essential areas we have to focus on. For those passionate about sports and working out, has been all about health and wellness, not so much trying to achieve a specific form and body shape. As we speak with Tracianne Estrada and Kathy Yap-Huang about their fitness resolutions, they talk about how this year centers on keeping healthy. Fitness is no longer constrained with perfection or typical body goals that people were keen on having pre-pandemic. 2021 is choosing to care for one’s well-being above all.

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LEFT: Tracianne Estrada. RIGHT: Kathy Yap-Huang.

All-out routines

At this time of the year before the pandemic, people would flock to the gyms, attempting to fulfill their fitness goals. We take this start to instill discipline and maintain consistency in physical fitness. For Tracianne Estrada, she commits to engaging in a sport or physical activity an hour or two every day. “If I’m in the mountains, I skate; if I’m at the beach, I surf. I can join a [high-intensity interval training] HIIT class today, [and] then go figure skating the next day,” she explains. She loves mixing up her activities so different parts of her body are exposed to workouts.

Similar to many fitness and sports enthusiasts, Kathy Yap-Huang works out a lot pre-pandemic—as much as six days a week. “Two [times] of each of the following: spin at Electric Studio, slow resistance training on the Megaformer at [Elev8 Fitness Studio], and Muay Thai at the Philippine Army gym,” she elaborates. However, the pandemic forced gyms, courts, and fields to close down or to limit the number of clients and guests. The virus outbreak and its restrictions mean adjusting routines. For months and until now, it is admittedly a struggle to adapt.

Kathy Yap-Huang using Megaformer.

Mind and body matter

“When we were locked down, at first, I didn’t notice I couldn’t work out, because I was stressed and scared, as we all were,” Kathy shares. The early days of the pandemic was indeed a distressing time. Fear overcame many of us with the uncertainty of the future. Thus, Kathy admits to gaining weight from being unable to look out for health. “Thankfully though, both Electric Studio and Elev8 started renting out bikes and machines,” Kathy continues. She is able to resume her intensive six times a week workout. The only exception was Muay Thai due to the social distancing measures. She adds, “I do hit a heavy bag every now and then, especially when it is a particularly difficult day.”

Tracianne Estrada skating and surfing.

Fortunately for Tracianne, she is able to continue her workouts as she and her sister had built a CrossFit home gym years before. “We would wake up at 6 am to follow a strict CrossFit program. Pandemic depression pushed me to seek a way of beating it in a natural way,” she clarifies. It is tough not to harbor negative feelings during these times and so finding a coping mechanism and staying healthy are essential. Tracianne affirms, “CrossFit has given me a lot of structure, a lot of clarity, and enough mental toughness to face each day.”

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Kathy Yap-Huang used to do Muay Thai in the gym.

Embracing health

“Self-care happens over time,” Tracianne says, sharing what she sets her mind to this year. She targets to adopt the most natural and humane healthy habits. Kathy echoes similar goals—learning to eat better. She admits to indulging in instant food that she knows should change. In these ways, both Kathy and Tracianne are able to heal not only their bodies but their minds and spirits as well. “The more attentive and thorough we are,” Tracianne begins, “the better we are not only for ourselves, but [for] the generations that follow, of which we pass our vitality down to.”

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