In-Flight Beauty Products To Keep Your Face Immaculate -

Aircrafts are very filthy things.

Business class or not, nobody is safe from the gross reality that is recycled plane air. Don’t be caught dead stepping out of an aircraft looking as crusty as a crouton. Save face with these herculean products that will make you look as fresh as your just-showered self.

In Transit Camera Close-Up by This Works 


All hail three-in-one products that are effective and travel friendly. Aptly concocted by This Works (because it really does), this little number is a mask, moisturizer, and primer in one. How convenient! Slather this on that canvass to look instantly rejuvenated once you step out into the real world.

The Lip Balm by La Mer 


Reasons to believe: one, it’s by La Mer. Two, it’s by La Mer. Not only does this lip balm moisturize, but it also softens, and relieves discomfort. Oh, and it’s jam-packed with La Mer’s nutrient-rich Miracle Broth™and the patented Lip Lipid Complex that claims to strengthen the lips’ moisture barrier and help prevent further damage, among other things.

Super Aqua Eye Patches by Guerlain 


With eye patches like these, you’re bound to look like you’ve slept for 100 years. Whoever created the term ‘designer eye bags’ probably has the worst pair in the world. Best to give him a pack of these as well.

Crème de Corps by Kiehl’s 


Thank you, Kiehl’s, for giving the human race the best moisturizer in the universe. This stuff is divine and travel-friendly. Hoard these as soon as possible. Do yourself a favor.

Love Your Bare Face Detoxifying Cleansing Stick by Julep 


Imagine this: a very effective bar of cleansing soap that can erase hours of airplane air grossness from your face in an instant. Add to that the fact that it’s travel friendly and can fit in your purse. What a winner. Thank you, Julep. You’re a star.

Milky Jelly Cleanser by Glossier 


A legend in a bottle. This seemingly unassuming facial cleanser has the power to erase absolutely anything (even your past mistakes). This also smells like your grandmother’s Rose garden, times 10. A must. A need. Get one now.

Happy travels!

by Samantha Masigan

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