This Exquisite Jewelry Collection Adds Glamour To Bohemian Fashion

With the many styles emerging in fashion, it is easy to find something to suit your personality and preferences. Some prefer to don unique fabrics and chic prints that go against trends. Bohemian is one of these eccentric styles that icons like Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie became famous for. Boho may seem common now along with other numerous styles. Its roots can be traced back to countering mainstream. Despite its peculiarity, Gucci finds a way to add elegance to it. The luxury brand partnered with producer/musician Florence Welch to launch its latest jewelry collection and show how boho can be glamorous.

Boho as a counterculture

Bohemian started as a counterculture to mainstream fashion like the Victorian era of wearing stiff bodices and corsets. In the Romantic Movement, people who adopted this lifestyle are artists or eccentric geniuses. People associated these artistic types with Gypsies whom people believe originated from Bohemia in Eastern Europe.

Eventually, the Romantics and French Bohemian art crowd came to embrace a style combining medieval and oriental elements. It features long, flowing hair, loose and colorful fabrics embroidered with intricate designs. Layering of clothes and dangling jewelry pieces are also part of the aesthetic.

At present, bohemian fashion retains the practice of wearing loose clothing. But it evolved into including breezy dresses with mixed prints, folk print bags, boots with fringes and tassels, and accessories in turquoise, rattan, and faux leather materials. Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie, and Vanessa Hudgens are among the women who became popular icons sporting bohemian style.

Making Boho glamorous

While boho fashion has a sense of casualness to it, luxurious accessories can elevate the style. Dubbed as the ‘Queen of Bohemian Style‘ producer/musician Florence Welch partnered with Gucci. This is to show how the brand’s jewelry add a different sense of glamour to the distressed style of boho. Florence worked with Italian fashion designer Alessandro Michele. He captured her carefree spirit and her band’s eccentric music through Gucci’s distinctive jewelry collection. “What he is doing is so up my street that it feels so natural for us to be working together,” Florence tells in a post-tour interview.

Gucci Ouroboros, Gucci Flora, Dionysus, and Le Marché des Merveilles consist of the latest collection Florence wore. The unique and elegant accessories paired well with the fashion-forward singer’s bohemian aesthetic. For the campaign launch, Florence reclined on a bed of cushions against a retro background. The set of vibrant furnishings and trinkets added to the mystical theme. It reflects the unconventional spirit of bohemian fashion but adds an elegant allure to it.

Scroll below to see some of Gucci jewelry collection.

Light Lion head necklace with crystal, Gold tail fin charm with diamonds, and White horn claw-shaped charm combination.
Two GG Running bracelets with multicolored gemstones, Le Marché des Merveilles Lion ring, and Le Marché Des Merveilles tourmaline ring.
Ouroboros 18K gold and diamond necklace, Le Marché Des Merveilles diamond and black sapphire tiger and carp tail ring, and a multi-finger Ouroboros ring.

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