Sparking Joy: Focus_ Is A New Interactive Retail Experience That Allows Customers To Experience Products For Themselves - The Scene

Does the product spark joy? This store will let you know before buying.

A new store known as “focus_” (pronounced focus underscore) offers customers an immersive retail experience through interactive product displays.

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According to focus_, its new branch in Makati’s Power Plant Mall even makes use of all five senses.

The focus_ store’s interior at Power Plant Mall.

In fact, the store features focus stations designed to put each of the customers’ five senses to the test.

The Sight station corresponds with the Posturepedic Coil Challenge by Sealy, the Feel station with Tempur’s motion absorption feature, the Smell station with the Instant Pot, the Taste station with the Oster blender, and the Hear station with the KitchenAid.

The store also made available other experiential stations to help customers learn more about the focus_ brands.

The focus_ store’s exterior at Power Plant Mall.

Furthermore, focus_ aims to be an omnichannel platform by offering customers various purchase options: in-store or online. This means customers can browse the products at the focus_ store, scan these using their phone, and purchase them online. Likewise, they can opt to purchase online and pick up the item in the store.

The focus_ store is located at R3 Level Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Drive, Makati City. For more information, visit Follow them on social media (

Photos via Fuentes Manila.

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