Luxury Fashion Retail Accounts You Should Follow on on Instagram

With how social media revolutionized our lifestyles, we find it more convenient to shop online. We wouldn’t have to trek to physical stores and purchase our favorite products. Luxury brands like Tom Ford and Dior are using social media platforms like Instagram to market their products and services. With a single tap, users can view the name of the complete name of the product and its price. This makes virtual shopping on Instagram easier for customers. Hence, we have listed down our favorite luxury beauty and fashion brands with a strong presence on Instagram.

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Creativity at its finest

A glance on the feed of Hermès shows its products in vibrant artworks. The brand does not only take photos of their items but creates GIFs and short videos to add life to their feed. This strategy allows viewers to see how the product can be part of a daily style ensemble. In promoting their signature Terre d’Hermes, the brand used a simple artwork of the rising sun as a moving backdrop. It represents the richness of nature with the citrus and woodsy notes of the fragrance.

Keeping things direct

Known for bestseller beauty products like Tom Ford Bronzing Gel for Men, Tom Ford Beauty is making waves with its classic and innovative products. On its Instagram account, Tom Ford briefs its new and loyal clients with labels on their products. It tags every product on the photo for easy viewing of the items’ information.

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Illustrating a narrative

What sets the Instagram feed of Gucci apart from others is its focus on creating a story. Alessandro Michele always has a campaign or a narrative behind the style pieces. The brand’s Fall-Winter 2019 collection draws inspiration from the #GucciPrêtÀporter. It tells the tale of fashion spanning four decades namely, the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. The collection evokes nostalgia for older fans of Gucci and a fun style tribute for the youth.

Bold labels

Saint Laurent is known for its vignette of black and white photos. Sometimes, they also release photos with a pop of colors. What makes their feed unique are huge and bold descriptions of the collection. The posts label every campaign with its brand name. It also includes the availability of products especially if it is limited edition or exclusive to a place. The easily visible captions allow viewers to easily navigate the feed and find their favorite Saint Laurent products.

Making it personal

With numerous bestselling makeup and style pieces, Dior has certainly made a name in the fashion industry. Like Tom Ford, Dior markets its creations in a straightforward way. They also tag the products with its name, price, and a short description. Apart from these, the brand also produces short videos of important people behind the collections. The videos give viewers an opportunity to connect and better understand Dior.

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