Food and Mood: Hong Kong’s Swanky Mott 32, Known for its 42-Days Peking Duck, Will Be Opening in Cebu - Dine

Your travel to the Chinese restaurant will get significantly shorter.

Mott 32, a globally renowned Chinese restaurant with international locations, is set to open in Cebu. 

Originally from Hong Kong, Mott 32 is known for its Peking Duck—a dish you must order one day in advance. Each duck weighs two kilograms and is prepared for over 48 hours through the restaurant’s custom refrigeration system, marinating technique, and brick oven smoke.

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Their other locations include Las Vegas, Vancouver, Singapore, and Seoul. In the Philippines, Mott 32 will be in the upcoming Cebu resort and casino NUSTAR. 

Although there’s no opening date just yet, NUSTAR has announced F&B openings to work at the restaurant on Wednesday. 

Named after New York’s first Chinese convenience store in 1891, the Maximal Concepts-owned spot has garnered awards as one of Asia’s Top 100 Restaurants in 2019 and 2020, South China Morning Post’s 100 Top Tables list from 2014 to 2020, and World Interior of the Year in 2014. 

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The latter award exemplifies the importance Mott 32 places on ambiance apart from serving high-end Cantonese dishes. 

Mood and atmosphere

Malcolm Wood, the founder and group managing director at Maximal told Eater Las Vegas that Mott 32 is a “concept that people haven’t seen before. It’s a surprise twist between high-end space that’s about mood and atmosphere and design, but it’s approachable, a place where people can laugh, have a drink, and have fun.”

Beyond Peking Duck, Mott 32’s specialties are Egg White Dumplings, Barbecue Pluma Iberico, Crispy Triple Cooked Wagyu Beef Short Ribs, and a variety of fresh dim sum.

Their website says Mott 32 is also “coming soon” to Dubai and Bangkok.

Banner photo from @Mott32sg on Instagram.

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