The Food Czar: The Solution to Catering Conundrums in the Metro - Dine

Hosting and entertaining can be a daunting task for many. A lot of planning and detail go into organizing a get-together: the food, the setup – just those two factors are enough to cause some inner turmoil. Where will you cater from? How many courses? Do they offer plates and cutlery? For those who enjoy the process of putting all of this together, good for you. But for the rest of us, there’s just too much going on to manage all at once. It’s a constant problem for many home entertainers and party hosts, which is why it comes at an opportune time that Food Czar has come along to cover all your catering needs.

Food Czar was founded by three leading figures in the F&B and events industries: Eric Dee, COO of Foodee Global Concepts (Mesa, Sunnies Cafe, Food Link, etc.); Czarina Ledesma, a pioneer in event styling with her own company, The Event Architects; and Ferdi Salvador, who has worked with Raintree Hospitality that manages many restaurants, hotels, and foodparks all across the country. With this trio of expertise, they join forces to create the best service for party planning with Food Czar, offering end-to-end catering logistics for event functions.

Food Czar Founders: Ferdi Salvador, Czarina Ledesma, and Eric Dee

The way their service operates goes down in four easy steps, (1) Search Restaurants, pick from their vast roster of partner restaurants to cater your event, partner restaurants include Ebi 10, Bench Cafe, Holy Smokes, Kermit Manila, Llaollao, Sunnies Cafe, and many more. (2) Combine Menus, who said you could only pick one restaurant? Choose your favorite dishes from multiple restaurants to create the perfect menu for your event. (3) Set Schedule and Customize, set the date of the party and discuss how you want it styled by their team. You can be as creative as you want. Lastly, 4) Have a Party, pretty straightforward from there.

A clean looking table setting by Food Czar with white overtones and blue accents.

So with your next party completely covered from beginning to end, Food Czar is definitely the food/event planning service to avail if you want to bypass all that planning and get that all-in-one hassle-free party that you can just enjoy with your loved ones. Check out some of their offerings below.

A Grazing Table design for a more sophisticated touch to your party.
Assorted Sushi from Ebi 10.
Pork and Chicken Platter from Tim Ho Wan.
A rich Bibingka Cake from Bench Cafe.

For reservations and inquiries, you can contact The Food Czar through their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Photos from Food Czar

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